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Get Paper Industries

Our beautiful gift wrap is handmade by the fantastic socially aware Fair Trade cooperative Get Paper Industries (GPI). Dedicated to social efforts, the charity work they do in the local area has earnt them many awards. This includes providing support to those affected by HIV and Aids, as well as establishing and maintaining schools to support the education of underprivileged children in the local area.

Milan, a founding member, is a man with an amazing passion for life, and he and his team are making a huge difference to their community. We’ve been fortunate enough to see their impact with our own eyes, and as our own small contribution to their work we sponsor 17 girls to attend one of their schools.

The vibrant gift wrap they create for us is coloured with natural dyes from Lokta shrub, a sustainable, fast-growing plant. Each shrub they use is replanted to minimise their impact on the environment.