Handmade from 25% recycled newspaper and 75% elephant dung, our range of elephant dung gifts are some of our most unusual. From handy textured notebooks to sleek photo frames, treat your elephant-loving loved ones to something Fair Trade.  

All our elephant dung products are dedicatedly made in Sri Lanka by Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust and Trickledown, a charity that reuse the waste made by well cared for sick, disabled and old elephants. Their important initiative makes them dedicated to repurposing waste, providing local opportunities and resolving conflicts between the farmers whose crops are subsequently eaten due to the elephant’s increasing loss of habitat.  

Their crucial work helps the trust continue their essential work of providing vital jobs to the local communities and help maintain the overall care for the well-loved gentle giants of Sri Lanka.  

Based in a workshop in the grounds of the trust, the dung is expertly sterilised before being turned into unique and original pieces of paper, that are each different in colour and texture depending on the animal’s diet. Pick from vibrant colours to more simplistic plain textured products, each lovely in their own way and perfect as a just because treat or a unique present. 

If you’re interested in finding out more of the process involved with making elephant dung paper then have a read of how is elephant dung paper made? on our blog, a most popular and interesting read.  

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