We use a hot foil stamping machine to personalise our recycled leather products. They make great Fair Trade gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, or even planet-friendly Christmas presents. We love that we can make our handmade, sustainably focused products even more special for you and the ones you love.

The Process

Our clever in-house personalising team create your orders every day, so they’re delivered to you as soon as possible.

First, the brass letter blocks are placed into the machine, where they’re heated up to 130°C. Then, your journal, album, bag, or accessory is placed on to the metal plate before a member of our crafty personalising team aligns it perfectly, and adds your chosen foil if you’ve opted for something extra special.

You can choose from gold, silver, or black foil, or blind debossed – just the stamps with no colour – if you prefer to keep it simple.

Finally, the lever is pulled down and the blocks are stamped into the surface of the leather, making it yours forever.

Quite a Character

The stamps we use are only uppercase letters in one typeface, but we do have two different sizes of letters to choose from. Our standard font is 1cm tall, while the small font is 0.5cm.

As well as our two sizes, we also have punctuation and special characters to choose from:



Special character:


If you’d like to add a special character to your personalisation, you can copy and paste the above icons into the box, or send us a message if you’re having any trouble.

Choices, choices…

For each item we can personalise, you’ll find that there’s a limit of how many characters you can have, as we’re unfortunately restricted by both the space available on the product and how many blocks are able to fit into the machine. Each product listing will show exactly how many characters you can have, though it’s usually around 4-6 for journals, albums, and accessories, 7 for bags, and 15 for anything with small letter stamps.

For some of our journals, we can offer a vertical orientation for the personalisation, so you can squeeze in a few more letters. If the option is available, you’ll find it on the journal page with the rest of your personalisation options.

Not all options are offered on every listing, as we tend to offer what we know looks best, or what we can do within the limits of our machines. However, if you would like the smaller letters and can’t seem to find the option on the product you want, or would like to chat about having the personalisation moved somewhere else, just get in touch! We’ll be happy to help.

Pobody’s Nerfect!

As much as we love it, personalising can be a tricky process and even our expert team make mistakes sometimes! As one of the 10 principles of Fair Trade is a respect for the environment, we’re committed to reducing our waste wherever possible.

Whenever we make debossing mistakes on journals and albums, we donate the paper to local schools and reuse the recycled leather for training and practice to sharpen up our skills. As the bags are in otherwise perfect condition, hand crafted to our artisan’s high-quality standards, we send them off to our local leather-whizz who expertly patches the mistakes up for us and they become a part of our Reworked collection. We love how much you appreciate and share our values, and of course we love to help you snap up a bargain (they’re all 50% off!).

As we offer personalisation in a few different positions on most bags you can choose where you’d like the patch to be on your Reworked bag too. Then you can have personalisation over the patch again, or just leave it as it is with its patchwork addition.

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Not sure what’s possible?

On each product listing we offer what we think will work best, but if you have any bespoke requests get in touch and we’ll see if we can help!

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