Explore Fair Trade gifts in our sale collection. From reworked leather bags and accessories to handmade homewares, you’ll find great gifts for a great price. 

Recycled and repatched, our reworked section is our curated range of gorgeous leather products. Personalising items can have its flaws, whether it's a wrong letter or misspelled name, and we don't want to throw out perfectly good products - which goes against our ethics. Therefore, we simply patch over the area with scrap material making them ready to be sold again. These second chance items are excellent for those wanting to be more eco conscious, add your own personalisation to really make it your own.

Have you had a browse of our selection of half price journals and albums? Superb for storing ideas, photos or jotting down your day to day.

Our sale items will eventually become discontinued, so go on and grab them before it's too late! 

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