Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs about our products
FAQs about shopping with us

FAQs about our products

Can the journals and albums be refilled?

No, sorry, our journals and albums have all been expertly and lovingly bound together and cannot be refilled. We hope that our journals and albums will be used to remember special thoughts, ideas and experiences and that when your current one is full, you will want to keep it intact and order another one to add to the collection!

Do we do the albums with more pages?

No, sorry, all the albums come with the amount of pages detailed in the description.

Is the paper acid free?

Yes, we only use white unbleached and chemical free cotton to make our khadda paper, and the rest of our handmade papers use only natural dyes for colouring.

How can we fix the photos on?

Your photos can be added to the photo albums using photo corners (which you can buy in any good stationery or photography shop), spray mount or just simple glue.

Are there any plastic sleeves on the pages?

No, we do not use any plastics or chemicals in any of our products.

What pen can you write on the paper with?

The best pens to use are definitely biros and gel pens.

Is the paper easy to write on?

Yes, very easy. It is handmade paper so it is slightly textured.

Can I use your paper for my artwork?

Yes, our paper is excellent for artists and especially good for charcoals. You can also use it for watercolours but please be aware it is not professional watercolour paper and so may produce a variation in your painting - hopefully an interesting one!

What is the size in inches?

You can easily work out the size from mm to inches to using this online conversion site. 1 inch is 25.4mm.

FAQs about shopping with us

Do we provide a gift wrapping service?

No, sorry, you will have to do this yourself - you wouldn’t want to see our gift wrapping!

Can I leave a gift message?

Yes you can, this can be done at the checkout stage and it will be attached to the packing list without a price on.