Our Ethics

We have 3 golden rules for everything that we do:

  • Everything must be Fair Trade
  • We should have as little environmental impact as possible
  • We should make a positive impact wherever we can

Our Commitment to Fair Trade

We only work with producers we know and visit on a regular basis to ensure that we can live up to our Fair Trade promise. Our producers are small family businesses and charities we work with to Fair Trade guidelines and World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) accredited co-operatives.

Below you will find the 10 principles of Fair Trade,  please feel free to call and discuss if you would like anymore information.

We have been members of the British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) since 2002.

Our environmental impact – conserving nature by recycling waste

All the products we sell are made using natural, sustainable resources. These can be the waste products of larger industry, for example, our Khadda paper is made from the cotton left over from the massive garment industry in India. Or it can be a more extreme sort of recycling like our elephant dung paper – no, it doesn’t smell but it does produce a wonderful natural paper!

We minimize our carbon footprint by importing goods by sea instead of air whenever possible and we offset our carbon emissions when we visit our producers.

Here in the UK we still hold true to these values. Our brochures and stationery are made using 100% recycled post consumer waste and you may well see that the packaging we use includes shredded junk mail.

Making a positive impact

We hope that we have a positive impact on the families of our producers and on the local economy by continuing to work with the same producers over many years in a mutually beneficial way. We also support the amazing work of the charities we do business with. For example, we are sponsoring two girls in Nepal to attend a school set up by the Get Paper Industries.

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