One of the 10 principles of Fair Trade is respect for the environment. We work hard to achieve this through our use of sustainable, eco-friendly materials wherever possible in the making of our products. That said, reducing waste is a small step with a huge effect, and we think that’s important with using the products as well as making them. We take steps towards reducing the overall impact we have by ensuring the materials we do use can be looked after to live long, happy lives in your homes. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to make sure your Paper High products stand the test of time.


Our leather journals, bags, and accessories are some of our favourite (and best-selling!) products. Handmade from hard-wearing recycled leather salvaged from offcuts of the meat industry, the leather is tanned using only natural dyes, meaning the beautiful colours they produce are unique from batch to batch.

With buffalo, cow and goat leathers used across our range of products, each has a different look and feel – but all are just as luxurious. Due to the recycled nature of the leathers, each product is entirely unique and full of character, with the potential for some minor blemishes. The leather is enriched with natural, protective oils, but will further soften, crease and mark over time, creating a piece that can tell the story of your travels. To prevent the leather from darkening and keep it supple, try rubbing in some petroleum jelly with a dry cloth. To maintain the rich natural texture, avoid using any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

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Mango Wood

Mango trees have a relatively short life cycle and stop bearing fruit after 12-15 years, before they are quickly replaced by younger trees. As India produces by far the most mangoes in the world, this results in a massive industry using one of the most sustainable woods known to man.

Treated with linseed oil to protect the wood and give it a beautifully rich finish, our producers use mango wood to create our bowls, trays, jewellery boxes and drawers. You can top this protection up yourself by rubbing any food oil onto the surface of the wood with a dry cloth.

If your mango wood piece gets a little dirty, give it a clean with warm soapy water and immediately dry it off with a cloth. Be careful not to let it soak, as too much moisture could make the wood warp or crack. Our mango wood kitchenware is not suitable for the dishwasher, microwave or oven, and should only be used for dry food.

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Recycled Newspaper

We love the vibrant colours of our recycled newspaper range! Handmade from hand rolled and dyed recycled newspaper, each piece is carefully glued, pressed or woven together, to create the quirky designs.

While they’re perfect for storing trinkets, we wouldn’t advise using our bowls for anything hot or wet. If the paper tears, a layer of clear glue will keep it from tearing any further. For any marks, dust, or dirt, wipe gently with a soft cloth.

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Both our cotton throws and rag rugs are handmade and dyed naturally. The cotton is recycled from the huge garment industry in India, and expertly woven to create the beautiful, vibrant designs that make up each one.

Neither our throws or rugs are colourfast, so we recommend a wash before use, and perhaps an anti-slip underlay if lying the rugs on a light-coloured carpet.

Ideally a professional dry clean would be best for our rugs, but a hand wash in cold water will also do the job. Our throws can be washed in the machine at 30 degrees, but make sure to only wash with similar colours. A low-heat tumble dry will keep them at their softest.

To prolong the life of your rug, try to give it a once over with a hard-bristled brush every now and then to remove worn-in dirt. The design is the same on both sides, so you can turn it over if the colours start to fade for a new lease of life.

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Our woollen hats and socks are crafted by hand using only wool from Australia and New Zealand. Wool is a very sustainable material – it is rapidly renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, and can be produced organically. It’s a surprisingly versatile material, and we love the range of funky designs our producers have created.

We advise treating your woollen products like your favourite woolly jumper – on a gentle, cold wool cycle in the washing machine, or better still, with a hand wash in cold water. Keeping them out of warm water will ensure the fibres won’t shrink and will keep you toasty from head to toe all winter long!

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We have a range of products using recycled metals from many of our wonderful producers. Different metals are used for each product, but they won’t need more than a gentle dust from time to time if they’re kept inside your home.

Our wire duck and geese are powder coated to ensure they’ll be waddling around in your garden for many summers to come. Make sure to give your feathered friends a gentle wash and a wipe with a dry cloth every now and then to keep clean of debris.

If any product begins to rust, treat it with a rust remover to recover and protect it from further damage. For products intended for use inside that you’d like to display in your garden (like our lanterns or bells) we would advise coating in a rust remover before their use.

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All our felt products are hand crafted by one of the leading Fair Trade felt producers in Nepal. Sustainable wool is used in a traditional process of applying heat, moisture, and pressure to entangle the fibres and create the beautifully soft material. For the vibrant colours, only natural dyes are used.

Use a soft bristled brush (like a toothbrush) to gently wipe away any dust or debris without pushing it further into the fibres. You can also use sticky tape to gently peel more stubborn debris off.

Your felt pieces can be handwashed but as the material is sensitive to temperature, make sure to use cool water. For stubborn stains use only a very gentle soap. The natural dyes used are colourfast, but we’d still recommend the use of an underlay for our felt ball rugs.

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Accidents happen! If your frame arrives damaged, we’ll happily replace it for you. Contact us to arrange a speedy replacement. If it’s damaged in your home, search for your closest glass cutter to get a new one cut to size. All of our frames without metal edges can have the glass replaced by a professional, but unfortunately our hanging and folding frames cannot.

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