Bound in gorgeously detailed and wonderfully vibrant sari fabric, it’s clear to see why our sari journals are some of our best-selling. Handmade right down to the recycled cotton khadda paper, they’re delightful inside and out. 

Each are richly beautiful, with a contrast of memorable colour spectrums and intricate flower patterns that are incredibly symbolic of India. With their lovely soft and sleek textured feel, our sari journals are exceptionally delicate and effortlessly lightweight in your hands.  

Additionally, our sari journals have a delightful elasticated button detailing to secure the pages in place that is easy to fold and unfold at ease. Thick khadda paper fills the inside of our journals and there’s plenty of it! Superb for jotting down ideas or sketching out masterpieces.  

In Indian beliefs and culture, a saree is the historical symbol of a deity, and wearing it portrays traditional significance and pride for any woman of India. From their intricate details and colour combinations, the sarees value culture, tradition and staying attached to your roots.   

There are six colours available in our splendid selection of sari Journals, pick from blue, cerise, green, pink, purple and red. The colour of the saree represents the wearers beliefs. Red symbolises love and celebration, green is associated with nature and outdoors, blue is for serenity, pink represents the colour of femininity and lastly, purple is largely associated with grandeur and independence. 

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