Colourful, different and always surprising, keep your home cosy with our range of handmade rugs and throws. Our best-selling rag rugs are handwoven using recycled material from the vast Indian garment industry, whilst our throws are thick, well-made and hand-crafted using repurposed cotton.

Our vibrant rugs are created by Barefoot College, an organisation dedicated to helping communities become more self-sufficient and use sustainable resources, including making water accessible, using solar energy to power communities and empowering women with opportunities. They truly are an inspiring organisation that have gone above and beyond their original goals.

Our cosy throws are handmade by Asha Handicraft Organisation, which helps over 800 artisans with their continual support. Profits are given back to the skilled workers to improve their living and support their families. Their goal is to trade, train and transform individuals with their strategies.

The collection of rugs we have available differ in sizes, such as our long runner rugs which are ideal for that dull dark corridor, whereas our small to large rugs are great for any aspect of your home. A vibrant touch to your bathroom, a statement piece to your kitchen or simply to liven up your living space.

Throws can be slung over gorgeous furniture, perfect for contrasting a plain couch or brightening a neutral room. They could also be added to your bed to protect your cherished bedsheets from a furry friend, or as an ideal blanket for cosy picnics or those fun days at the beach.

We enjoy the look of our ethical home décor, ideal for those who enjoy a more bohemian feel and are certainly not boring to say the least.

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