Our Trip to Nepal

We just came back from a month travelling to Nepal and India where we visited our Fair Trade producers and caught up with the latest news from our community work, and developed exciting new product samples. Stay tuned! 

We wanted to tell you all about our trip so here’s the first part of it: Nepal.


Our first day started slowly with a breakfast before getting picked up by Bhim, a new felt supplier. We drove out of central Kathmandu towards the hills and close to the monkey temple. 

It’s great to be back in Nepal! Bhim has a broad smile and shows us around. We are struck by how immense the factory is, and well organised, we love watching the production. Rosie our daughter got involved and hijacked & loved making and playing with the felt!! 

After our inspiring tour we headed to another unit with a fantastic big spotless show room to view our samples. We had a mock order for some very new exciting products and left with a swatch of wonderful colours to confirm. We are focusing on Christmas but these products are very much for your home!!! Watch this space! Our first day was vibrant. We headed out for food, sat and had chai with our old friend Lal, it’s always lovely to see him. 


Today, we visited two knitting groups. It was organised for us to meet them in one of their homes where they occasionally get together to knit and gossip. The first house was in yet another historic town in the Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur. We enjoyed a couple hours with the knitters chatting, discussing production and taking photos. 

Amber our oldest fell in love with the area, just outside the house was a small school and monastery. She loved how free the children were!! 

We then visited Bhaktapur’s Square, this was our first visit here. 

Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Get Paper Industries

We always get the best welcome here. Milan picked us up from the guest house and we arrived at Get Paper, greeted by near on 100 men and women stood in two lines forming a corridor for us to walk up the hill. Everyone is presenting us a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 


Trip to Nepal

The Anita Milan International Academy

We started our tour of the factory before being taken up the hill to the Anita Milan School. Yet again we were greeted with flowers and the beautiful smiles of the children. They organised a wonderful welcome ceremony of singing and dancing. It was so beautiful!! We were presented with gifts and Milan organised us some gifts to hand out to all the pupils. Amber and Rosie took on this role which they really enjoyed and they loved visiting one of the classrooms. It’s always the most amazing visit here at Get Paper, they are such fabulous people and Milan is a true inspiration! 

Day 7 in Nepal… it was our last morning and time for our goodbyes and a last minute shop for some festival products. We always need more days here in Nepal. 

Coming soon, our journey to India…