5 Goody Bag Gift Ideas for Eco-Friendly Kids Parties

There are always a million things on the to-do list when planning your little one’s birthday parties. The cake, the decorations, the invites… and it’s stressful moments like these that we might reach for time-saving pre-packaged options. But if you’re thinking about your eco-impact this year, it’s not as difficult as you might think to ditch the traditionally wasteful party bags in favour of more sustainable, reusable, planet-friendly options.

While they’re certainly fun, most goody bag gifts are made of plastic. Then when they get bored of them, they end up in the bin. But it’s a great idea to start them young and teach kids what they can do to look after their planet. The good news is there are plenty of great eco-friendly alternatives the kids will love – and the parents will love you for sending them home with something they can actually use.

With that in mind, we’ve collected a round-up of some of our favourite kid-friendly gifts. Each one is handmade, Fair Trade, and crafted from sustainable or recycled materials.

Small Colourful Elephant Dung Notebook

With 60 pages of naturally dyed paddy husk paper in a mix of bright colours, these notebooks are a great gift to encourage kids to doodle, draw, and practice their writing. The 100% natural, sustainable material they’re crafted from will be sure to have your party guests giggling – elephant poo!

Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Hand crafted from newspaper, this pack of colourful pencils is a perfect addition to your eco-friendly party bags. The pencils are a standard grey, but each one is rolled in a different colour by our incredible producers Earthbound Creations. The newspaper is 100% recycled and would have otherwise gone into landfill. After the party, pop them in their pencil case for school to get the most out of them.

A set of Paper High recycled newspaper pencils and a cup of coffee.

Felt Penguin Keyring

This adorable little character is hand crafted from naturally dyed merino wool. Using traditional methods, moisture, heat and pressure is applied to the wool to create the beautifully soft felt. At just £2.50 each, they’re a budget friendly addition to your goodie bags. If your little ones aren’t penguin lovers, we’ve got a whole range of colourful creatures available, including our frog, elephant and ladybird keyrings.

Butterfly Design Mango Wood Printing Block

It’s always good to have some rainy-day craft supplies, and this butterfly block is a great way to keep the kids busy. Carved by hand from highly sustainable mango wood, use the block again and again to create their masterpieces. For a more budget friendly idea, go for the Six Assorted Design Blocks, and pop one in each goody bag.

Felt Daisy Purse

Crafted by the same Fair Trade felt producers as our keyrings, these cute little purses come in 6 different colours. With plenty of post-party uses, they aren’t just for saving up their pocket money. Take them to school as a new pencil case, or even better for you, use them to keep all those tiny toy pieces safe.

Make sure to pop everything in an eco-friendly bag before they take their goodies home. We love these natural cotton reusable ones from Planet Wrap It.

For more inspiration for making your little one’s birthday parties extra eco-friendly, from the goody bags to the décor, take a look at our Pinterest board of Eco-Friendly Kids Party Ideas, and find us on Instagram at @paperhighuk. Enjoy the party – and good luck with the clean up!