Unusual Gift Ideas for Quirky Characters

Your loved ones are special, unique, unlike anyone else. And they deserve gifts that are just as exceptional. Flowers, chocolates, and a lovely photo of the family are always going to be crowd pleasers, but for the people that like something a little bit different it’s harder to find the right thing. So, if you’ve found yourself struggling to pick the perfect present, take a look at our round-up of unusual gift ideas. Not only are they unusual, they’re also Fair Trade, handmade, and crafted from recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible – what more could you want?

Elephant Dung Range

You wanted unusual? Unique? Something they definitely don’t own already? How about recycled elephant poo. Yep, that’s what our Elephant Dung Range of gifts is crafted from. Handmade from 25% recycled newspaper and 75% elephant dung, they make great gifts for elephant lovers, especially if they’re eco-conscious. Each piece is unique, with the texture and shade of the paper depending on the plant-based diet and age of the elephant that made it. We know what you’re thinking, but no, they don’t smell (and it’s thoroughly sterilised before it’s made into paper!).

Personalised Handwriting Buffalo Leather Wallet

Ok, a wallet isn’t exactly an unusual gift… but we know how to make it pretty exceptional. Our Personalised Handwriting Buffalo Leather Wallet can be laser engraved with your own (or your little one’s) handwriting or drawing. All you need to do is draw your design on a plain piece of paper with a black pen, and we’ll engrave it into the durable buffalo leather. It makes a truly special and unique gift for dad or grandad that he’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Woollen Animal Hats

Brighten up the chilly winter days with one of our funky Woollen Animal Hats. There’s one for every character, whether they’re more of a frog, a monkey, a sheep, or even a chicken. They fit both adults and kids, and they’re lined with a super soft fleece that’ll keep them extra warm through the colder seasons. Hand crafted from 100% wool, they’re silly and sustainable.

Felt Flowers

Flowers are a winner for every occasion, that’s a given. But a week later they’re gone, and no one gets to enjoy them anymore. But what if you could enjoy them every day? Our Felt Flowers are handmade from sustainable, naturally dyed wool, and will last a lifetime. There’s even wire in the stems, so they can display them creatively too. Make your own bunch from a few of their favourite colours, or go for a full bouquet.

Whether it’s a special occasion or a just-because-you’re-great gift, skip the unimaginative presents and give them something they’ll always remember. If you haven’t had enough inspiration just yet, you can find more of our favourite out-of-the-ordinary gifts on our Unusual Gifts board on Pinterest, or explore our full Unusual Gifts category. And make sure to share your best Paper High gift photos and stories with us on Facebook and Instagram!