The New Years Resolutions to Make This Year

Who’s ready for a fresh start? A new year, a new opportunity to start off on the right foot. Whether you’re going to get back in the gym, pick up a new hobby, or just make plans to enjoy yourself this year, it’s a great time to have a bit of a reset.

And with this fresh start in mind, we thought we’d share a few of our tips for making more sustainable choices this year. All these tips are things that you can incorporate into your life without much effort, and even if you tried just one of these things a few times, or all of them once, we’re hoping you’ll see how easy it is to make these small changes.

How to be more eco-friendly in 2023

  1. Scan the shelves for Fair Trade alternatives.

So many things you buy have Fair Trade alternatives these days. Not only were they produced more responsibly, ensuring both the planet and the people that made them weren’t exploited, but your money even goes back into their businesses and communities to allow them to develop even further. It’s not just bananas, chocolate, and coffee these days – you’ll find Fair Trade alternatives for most of the things you buy (even gifts!).

2. Plan ahead.

Make a plan and stick to it! Whether it’s for the food shop or buying gifts for a loved one, decide in advance exactly what you need. This will help you to reduce impulse purchases that are less likely to be loved, and help you to stick to a budget. It’ll also give you some time to consider whether there’s a suitable eco-alternative you could opt for instead.

3. Reuse, reuse, reuse!

It’s not just packaging. There are so many things that we throw away before they’re really ready for the bin. Whether it’s clothing, a handbag, wallet, and even electrical goods, as soon as we get something shiny and new we tend to neglect our former favourites. Consider waiting just that little bit longer before you buy a replacement, or see if you can make a repair to prolong their life.

4. Set yourself an eco-goal.

A great way to change your habits is to have a goal to work towards to keep you focused. For example, have you ever considered how many bags of rubbish you take out to the bin every week? Use January to take notice of how many it is on average, and then set yourself a goal to cut down in the next 3 months, then even more in the next 6 months, and by this time next year you could be saving huge amounts of waste.

5. Live minimally.

The best way to manage your consumption isn’t dealing with the waste more responsibly – it’s not having to waste it in the first place. Before you make a purchase, consider whether you really need it and will get enough use out of it. Before buying a gift, consider whether it’s something they’ll really love. Take a look at our post “Gifts with Purpose: Top Tips for Choosing Gifts They’ll Love and Use” for guidance on choosing the perfect gift.

If you have any of your own eco-resolutions you’ll be making this year, we’d love to hear them! Share them with us on Instagram or Facebook, and follow us on Pinterest for more eco-inspiration.