How to Wrap the Perfect Eco-Friendly Present

Did you know that 79% of us confess to leaving our gift buying to the last minute? And the later you leave it, the later you have to do the worst part… the dreaded wrapping. Skip the stress this year with our guide on how to wrap the perfect present, and save on the bin bags with our recyclable, reusable gift wrap alternatives.

Wrapping paper from high street shops is often dyed, laminated, and can contain foils, glitter or plastics in their designs – meaning they can’t be recycled. Even for those without the added sparkle, if the paper is too thin it will lack the quality fibres needed for use in the recycling process. If you’re trying to reduce the impact your waste has on the planet, looking for eco-friendly wrapping alternatives is a great first step.

Sustainable gift wrap

Our beautiful gift wrap is handmade by the artisans at Get Paper Industry (GPI) from lokta. Lokta is a shrub that grows in the foothills of the Himalayas at altitudes in excess of 5250ft. It’s abundant in supply, making it a highly sustainable resource. As it is handmade from all-natural materials, this paper is 100% recyclable! Harvesting the lokta bushes helps to preserve the fragile ecosystem in Nepal and gives regular, fairly paid work to the people of the many mountain villages.

GPI is a Fair Trade cooperative based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dedicated to social efforts, they help to provide an education for local girls, and run an AIDs awareness program.

GPI Producers

Pack of 3 Lokta Paper Gift Wrap Sheets with Tags

They also maintain a respect for the environment by replanting each of the shrubs they use. Take a look at our producers for more information on their incredible work.

The luxuriously thick, durable, and slightly textured paper wraps your gifts beautifully, and will have them looking extra lovely on the day. Our gift wrap sets are available in packs of 3 or 5, with matching gift tags for each piece. Go for a neutral colour palette with our natural set, or wow your colour-loving loved ones with one of our bright and patterned mixed sets.

If you’re purchasing a gift from us and sending it straight to the recipient, we can gift wrap it for you to give it an extra special touch. Just add this Gift Wrapping to your order, and we’ll make it a gift they won’t forget.

But how do I wrap my presents neatly?

Now, you can get all the fancy paper in the world and start wrapping as early as you like, but there’s one thing most of us still fear – just how do you wrap neatly?

We love this video for easy, simple instructions on how to wrap a present. If you’re a real beginner, slow down the video speed to take it at your own pace. We also love this video for some great tips and tricks for those more awkwardly shaped gifts.

Here are a few of our own favourite eco-friendly and zero-waste tips:

  1. Use paper washi tape to seal your presents – it’s recyclable, available in all the colours and patterns you could dream of, and it peels off easily so that every scrap of the paper can be reused or recycled. What’s not to love?
  2. Better yet – avoid the tape entirely. Check out this article on origami style wrapping. This is one for the more seasoned wrappers, but it’s worth a try for the extra eco-friendly points.
  3. Save ribbons, tags, twine and tissue paper from other gifts or online orders. They’ll make the perfect zero-waste finishing touch to your presents!
  4. If it’s Christmas gifts you’re wrapping, take a few cuttings from your tree (if it’s a real one!) and tie them to your ribbon or twine. It adds a charmingly rustic, Pinterest-ready finish to your gifts.
  5. If you’re left with strips of wrapping paper at the end of your sheets, wrap them around other presents wrapped in complimentary coloured paper to create a unique new design.

Eco-friendly greeting cards

Now that’s the presents sorted, but don’t forget to top it off with an eco-friendly elephant dung card! Our elephant dung greeting cards are blank on the inside and can be used for all occasions. Hand crafted from 75% elephant dung and 25% recycled paper, they’re the perfect sustainable alternative to traditional cards. Check out our blog post on how our elephant dung products are made to find out more about how these cards support elephants and communities in rural Sri Lanka.

Elephant Dung Blank Greeting Card

For more gift-wrapping inspiration, we’ve curated a Pinterest board of unique ideas and extra special touches. Don’t forget to check out our Gift Wrap & Greeting Cards category to find even more recyclable and sustainable options. And if there are some Paper High presents making your loved ones day this year, make sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram @paperhighuk!