Supporting The Elephant Conservation Trust

Did you know that almost a tenth of the world’s total 40,000 Asian elephants lives in Sri Lanka? Despite this important factor, the number of elephants that are being killed in Sri Lanka has reached an alarming rate, and not because they are wanted for their tusks or meat, but because they interfere with the farmers’ crops.

Since the natural habitat of elephants has decreased dramatically, - the protected areas are inadequate, less than 1000 sq. km (900 sq. miles) - elephants turn to agriculture to feed themselves. It is no wonder that communities that depend on their crops see these animals as a dangerous threat. It is estimated that a number of 4,000 elephants have been killed since 1950.

Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust, our elephant dung producers, are working hard to resolve the conflict between elephants and local communities. Although there is no immediate solution to resolve this long-lasting conflict, demonstrating to farmers that elephants are a sustainable economic resource is the perfect stepping stone. Once people start to perceive the elephant as an economic asset and not a threat, they will not want to see these beautiful animals disappear and will become more interested in co-existing alternatives.

What is more, Maximus has its workshop in the grounds of the Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF), a small charity that cares for sick, old and disabled elephants.

How can YOU make a difference?

By buying our products, you are helping improve the outlook for the majestic elephants of Sri Lanka. By purchasing our Fair Trade products, you can also rest assured that the way they are produced have as little environmental impact as possible.

Working with initiatives like Maximus also means that your purchase can have a positive impact on local communities as well - a simple example of this is that the charity pays villagers to collect the elephant dung which is used to make the paper.

Last but not least, by buying elephant dung products, you will help the foundation continue its incredible work.