Keep those treasures safe with our handmade jewellery boxes. Crafted from sustainable materials, choose from hand carved wooden boxes, minimalist recycled glass displays, or skilfully hand painted floral and funky ceramic drawers.

Perfect for storing your favourite eco-friendly jewellery pieces, choose from a range of sizes. The drawers are decorated with delicately hand painted designs and made from ceramic and are great for sectioning accessories, for those who are really into organising. Make an intricate little statement to any room with our handmade homeware jewellery and trinket boxes. 

Pop possessions into the different drawers depending on which size they need, there are plenty to organise their favourite finds. If your recipient is not a fan of colour combinations then you could opt for our subtle antique effect boxes, made from sustainable mango wood.

India produces by far the most mangos in the world, resulting in a vast amount of mango trees to yield their popular fruit. With an incredibly long life, they are eventually replaced by younger trees when they stop bearing fruit. This results in one of the most sustainable woods known to man and an incredibly huge industry reusing this handy resource.

Jewellery deserves to be displayed in a long-lasting box, sure to cleanly display those prized pieces and even easier to add to a gorgeous outfit!

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