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What is Treeapp and what do they do?

Treeapp was founded in 2019 with the aim to improve the world that we live in, by planting a tree everyday to help give back to the planet, reverse the effects of deforestation and help people work towards living more sustainable lifestyles.

For individuals, Treeapp enables anyone to plant a tree for free everyday, in less than a minute, via its mobile app. Users can discover Treeapp’s planting activities across the world, and decide where to plant their trees in.

At Paper High HQ, we are working with Treeapp to plant one tree for every order made on our website (; no minimum spend required. We have concentrated our planting efforts within Nepal, as this is where a few of our producers are based, so that we can give even more back to the artisans we work with.

How they plant trees

Treeapp work in collaboration with planting sites and projects that are instigating reforestation programmes that are transparent in their operations and are completely focused on protecting and monitoring the lands that the trees are planted on.

With these factors in place and depending on the planting sites environment, tree capacity, species and soil, the native trees are planted directly in the earth when grown to a sapling, whilst deciduous forest trees are grown in nurseries to seedling size.

This ensures they can make the most of the growing progress and help towards the tree’s survival in the right conditions, all in the appropriate planting season.

What they have achieved already

Treeapp have already planted over 1 million plus trees and 1000 hectares of lush, previously deforested land to revive ecosystems and increase tree cover in previously degraded areas across the globe, the size of Gibraltar to put into comparison!

Whilst the sites have provided homes for over 60 species of mammals and millions of microfauna and invertebrates, as well as 200 jobs created for tree planters in only their first year and have additionally interwoven women led projects in Brazil, Ethiopia and Nepal to help bridge the unemployment gap in underdeveloped areas.

150 species of trees are planted over their vast projects, ensuring that only native plant species are introduced back into an area and never invasive species that could disrupt the areas ecosystem. Each project has their own environmental goal, meaning each plant planted has it’s individual function too.

From protecting coastlines by replanting mangrove estuaries in Africa to removing harmful plastics from India’s ecosystems, all with their own environmental impact.

Deforestation impact

Climate change and deforestation is outright destroying the planet and time is ultimately running out before there is irreversible damage to our precious Earth, only an estimated 10 years in fact until a predicted catastrophic tipping point.

10% of global warming is caused by cutting down, clearing and disturbing forests and trees for mainly agricultural production of the increasing demands for soya growth, meat manufacturing and the creation of palm oils. Clearing large amounts of land like this ultimately produces harmful greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Our planets soil and forests are recorded to contain trillion tonnes of carbon, whilst tree planting helps produce healthy air, water and ground activity, as well as establishing functioning eco-systems.

The lungs of our planet can ultimately only heal a fraction of the damage done to the ozone layer by harmful CO2 emissions. That is why forest regrowth and planting trees is imperative to healing this damage and reversing the effects of deforestation.

Monitoring trees

Treeapp use drones to monitor sites, using footage to help observe large scale progress in remote areas. Additionally, satellite images analyse the land composition using an open source platform.

They also calculate the amounts of estimated carbon stored in their forests using scientifically backed allometric equations, which can be extremely difficult depending on the species, biome and climate.

Planting communities also observe changes in land to see the progress over time. Treeapp’s before and after images show the rapid progression of these sites from planting seeds to new growth.

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