Nepal Earthquake Update

Earthquake Update 12 June 2015

As after shocks continue to rattle Nepal the country is slowly coming to grips with what has happened and is starting to move forward, it will take many years to rebuild and there will be physical and mental scars that will never heal. 

A update on our producers,

Our felt producers have started making products now, most of the staff are back at work and the building is safe.  

Get Paper are all back to work and are helping the local community to come to grips with what has happened and offering loads of support to the areas that they work in.

Our woollen supplier is the hardest hit, their village has been flattened and Paper high have sent out an extra £1000 to help rebuild some of the houses.  Some of the local knitters are back at work but there are still many that cannot, as yet, bring themselves to work.. 5 of his staff lost their lives and 9 lost their families.  

Paper High have raised over £4000 and will be sending this money over to our producers in the next few weeks.

Please don't forget, even if the media have moved on the Nepalese are still fighting an uphill battle to rebuild their lives.  It was only 6 weeks ago!!

Nepal Earthquake update

As most of the world, we were all shocked when we heard about the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday 25th April, that has killed over 4000 people with many many more injured.

I was in Kathmandu 4 weeks ago and most of  the streets and squares on the TV footage that you see is so familar to me, it is difficult to believe that close friends and the very people i stop and chat to along the street are having going through such a terrible experience. 

We do need to act now, the people of Nepal are such beautiful people, the whole country is such a beautiful country.  They are going short of all the basics that we take for granted, food, beds, houses, medical supplies etc.  There is a shortage of water, electricity and communication is down in many areas etc. 

There are 1000's sleeping outside in fear of after shocks, too afraid to go back to their houses (if they are the lucky ones still with houses).  Those that still have their houses may find that they are structually unsound and will need to be pulled down.  What they are going through is unimaginable for us.

What are we doing?

Paper High will be donating 10% of all sales up until the end of May to our hardest hit producers.  We will be sending the money directly to our producers so they can use it to help their workers who have been directly affected by the earthquake.  We are a Fair Trade company and work with producers whom we trust 100% to use the money in the most effective way.  This way it gets to the people who need it quickly.

In addition to this Paper High will be matching this amount to the value of £1000. 

Our producers

Get Paper Industries - We have been in contact with Milan at GPI and it seems that he has located all of his (approx) 400 staff and they are all ok, 5 of they have lost their houses though.  The factory is still standing but will need a througher check to ensure it is safe.

Our felt producers are ok, we are unsure at this time about their staff and factory but we have made contact with them and they have said they are safe.

One of our woollen producers is reported to be safe but unfortunately has lost 5 of his staff.  His village, outside of Kathmandu, with approx 3200 people in it has been flattened with most houses now collapsed.

We are yet to make contact with our other woollen producers and can only hope that they contact us soon.


If you with to donate you can click on some of the links below.

The link below is to a page full of charities that are directly helping in the Nepal Earthquake


If you need or want anymore information on the Nepal earthquake of what Paper Higb are doing to help please contact us.