Fair Trade gifts

Paper High is proud to uphold the principles of being a Fair Trade company as set out by the World Fair Trade Organization to ensure that we value our producers' skills, traditions and earning potential as well as benefit the local economy as a whole.

We work directly with existing cooperatives, charities and family run businesses to produce all the products you see on this website. We have seen for ourselves the positive impact Fair Trade has on the most marginalised groups of people and we are determined to support this as much as possible in the way we run our business.

How we work with our producers

  • In addition to established fair trade producers we will only buy products from small family run workshops that share the same passion about fair trade that we do.
  • When we are looking for new producers we will initially look for existing co-operatives, NGO's, groups working within community initiatives, charities and marginalised workers ‐ producers who aim to have a positive impact on society as a whole.
  • We believe in the empowerment of local communities and are prepared to pay a premium for a product to support this.
  • When taking on new producers we are looking for long-term relationships so both we and our supplier can plan for future growth.
  • All producers must be completely transparent in terms of commercial operations.
  • We will fully inspect each new producers ensuring that they conform to all fair trade guidelines and are intending to work on these at all times.
  • We aim that the producers should receive an income that improves their standard of living. At the very minimum it will be the rate set out by their co-operative or a fair rate based on the cost of the materials and time involved in the production of the goods.
  • We will always pay at least 50% upfront for all orders placed by us to our producers and will always forward extra when needed and pay the balance of the order as soon as we receive it.
  • All artisans will be paid equally regardless of race, caste or gender.
  • We will use, wherever possible, local traditionally made materials, cutting down its carbon footprint and keeping work within the local community. We are prepared to pay a premium for this if necessary.
  • We will visit producers at least once a year to give feedback and to discuss any quality and distribution problems we might have and to work on new designs.
  • We will use this yearly visit to discuss Fair Trade policies and to plan where we can improve in the coming year.
  • We work closely with producers on the development of new products that will help our relationship with them to continue and grow. In doing so we take care to respect the traditional designs and techniques and value input from our producers.

More about Fair Trade

There is much more about what it means to be a Fair Trade company at the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) website, including its 10 principles of Fair Trade  and on the British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) website.

Fair Trade gifts