Happy World Fair Trade Day! A wonderful day to celebrate the triumphs and and to spread awareness for why shopping Fair Trade is so important. If you’ve read our blogs before you may be well versed in the meaning of Fair Trade but if this is your first time delving into the topic then let me give you a little TLDR.

Fair Trade is ‘trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers.’ – Oxford Dictionary. Fair Trade looks after the workers making sure that they are working in good conditions for fair wages and does not involve any child or slave labour. It is so important to think about where our items come from and how they are made because the people behind that item could have been treated very poorly. Please refer to the graph to see the key principles of Fair Trade:

With Fair Trade you can guarantee that the creators or farmers behind your favourite item or food was taken care and not exploited. That is why World Fair Trade Day is wonderful day of awareness.

Our producers at Paper High are based in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. As you may have heard on the news India is undergoing a Covid crisis. India on Thursday reported 412,262 new cases and 3,980 deaths in the last 24 hours. For the people of India it is incredibly difficult to social distance, to not work and to have access to the same privileges we do during this pandemic.

Help Us Give Back

One of our amazing producers , Noahs Ark, is working tirelessly to protect their staff during these times. They insist on safety gear to be worn at all times, daily sanitization and they have distributed Covid kits to their staff and artisans (approximate 200 kits).

They are encouraging their staff to get vaccinated. At this current moment most of their staff, over 45 people, have been vaccinated. They have also put a night curfew in place from 8pm to 7am and complete curfew on Saturdays and Sundays.

They have even made huge achievements during a time that is so hard on so many. Here are some of the amazing work they have done in the last 8-9 months:

1.      Given grants to artisans who have lost their job or cut their working days – 80 artisans – $6256
2.      Helped workers & artisans who had not paid their children’s school fee since last one year – 55 families – 52 Girls & 32 boys – $5200
3.     They have paid their staff at the Noah’s Ark Charity Schools which teach 306 children even though the schools have not been open. – 10 teachers – $ 7500
4.     Given Covid kits to staff & workers (masks, sanitizers, infrared thermometers & oximeters) – 200 kits – $ 2200

As you can see they have been doing so much to help their workers and community and we want to help them achieve even more which is why this weekend from Saturday – Sunday, 10% of all sales will be donated to Noah’s Ark to help them purchase more Covid Kits to give to their artisans.

Any purchase made between Saturday 8th of May to Sunday the 9th of May will help those in India.

We thank you for all your support and hope you have a great World Fair Trade Day! If you would like to learn more about Noah’s Ark and the other amazing work they do outside of the crisis then please click here to read our producer spotlight on them.

Find Out More

Since 2001 we have specialised in selling Fair Trade paper products and unusual eco-friendly gifts made in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. All our products are handmade using locally sourced sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible.

Each item sold helps our artisans and producers continue their fantastic work. Please feel free to check out our Producer page on our site to find out a little more about the wonderful people we work with. If you were intrigued about who exactly made a specific item please feel free to scroll down to ‘Make a Difference’ on any product on the site to learn more about the artisans of that item. Every item purchased helps all our wonderful artisans in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Want to know more? Have a look at our Ethics and Story. If you have a burning question then you are more then welcome to email us at sales@paperhigh.com where our team will respond as soon as possible. Or leave a comment below and let us know what you think!