Last week Mark, Paper High’s owner and my boss, took a trip to India! The trip consisted of meeting a few of our producers to look at samples of possible future products, check the process of the items currently being made and to continue our fantastic relationships with them. As a fair trade company, it is essential to make regular trips to our suppliers and producers to make sure that we are still following fair trade practices as well as making sure that we continue to connect with them on a personal level as it is the core of our business.

Due to how busy the business is, especially in the run-up to Black Friday and Christmas, the trip was short but sweet. Mark visited our leather bag producers and the artisans behind our journals and albums. Some amazing footage was taken while Mark was there of the processes behind the items which we will be very excited to share in the months to come.

Whilst in Jaipur visiting the leather bag producers, Mark was shown around the new factory where all the artisans work. The factory is beautiful inside and out and looks very professional. They added some amazing features such as rainwater harvesting, a sewage treatment plant and alternatives to plastic packaging. It’s amazing to see how successful they are continuing to become.

An important topic that Mark wanted to tackle was plastic waste, so it was great to see all the new ways that they have implemented to prevent the use of plastic during the visit. We try to reduce the use of plastic as much as we possibly can which is why Mark wanted to see if any small changes could be made to the items that we produce to cut down on the use of any unnecessary plastic. We are happy to say that these small changes are being made which is leading to a huge amount of waste being saved.

Mark was also shown a few samples of possible products! Canvas is something we are keen to expand on so it was important to see what fantastic canvas items we could add to our repertoire of gifts! We love the versatility of canvas as well as the lightweight and stylish look it adds to some of our ranges. It is also super sustainable and so fits in with our ethos! We also got a sneak peek at some new recycled leather items which are fun and colourful! We suspect these will be very popular because who doesn’t love a pop of colour that also prevents waste!

Udaipur, the Venice of the east, was next on Marks trip. He got to see the producers of our leather and sari journals. It is always lovely catching up with them and seeing what fantastic work they are getting up to. Whilst there, Mark was shown around the brand new extension to the workshop that is currently being built for all the artisans. The extension will house a new paper making machine which will help the artisans make 100% chemical free cotton paper in the busier seasons.

Here’s the extension being built for our leather journal producers.

It is amazing to see how much both companies are growing and it is all down to how much people have embraced fair trade! It was also a good opportunity to speak about things that may be possible in future such as refillable pages. Although this is isn’t something we can say we will be doing, we are always looking at ways to make things easier for our customers.

It is always great to see the progress that our producers are making. Mark truly believes in trying to improve not just our products, but also the positive impact that we can make on both our artisan’s lives and the environment at large. Check out our short video of Marks trip and the process behind our products above.

it’s incredibly important as a Fair Trade company to continually check that our producers are following best practices and the artisans are all being treated fairly. We truly believe in everyone being treated equally and fairly which is why this company was first started!

Want to know more about us? Have a look at our Ethics and Story. If you have a burning question then you are more then welcome to email us at where our team will respond as soon as possible. Or leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


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