It’s been a couple of weeks since we came back from Birmingham NEC for the annual Spring Fair, and we’ve been busy packing up all the orders that were placed there. Thanks to everyone who came and visited us – it was great to meet so many new faces, as well as seeing a lot of familiar ones!

Once again, our leather bags seem to steal the show. Even though they’re a relatively new line for us, they’ve been selling so well that we’ve been expanding our range over the last couple of years and plan to introduce more due to popular demand. Selling ‘fashion’ items can be tricky to keep up with current trends but what’s so great about our bags is that leather satchels have a timeless, classic quality to them so they never really go out of style. We’ve even been asked on a few occasions to have them featured on fashion shoots and adverts!

What’s new?

We had a brand new range at the Spring Fair, which was our beautiful Almirah Products. Since the introduction of our homeware section we’ve been slowly expanding it to include different styles. We now offer boxes and drawer sets in this colourful and striking range, and also two sizes of an absolutely gorgeous hand-painted elephant. We already have our elephant dung range which cleverly uses their leftover waste and forms an unusual but useful paper! So if you know anyone who is as fond of these wonderful animals as we are, then they will love the new Almira Elephant.

Our stand was in Hall 4 (gifts), close to the entrance of Hall 3 (stationery). We were next to a well-known card company who sent out one of their colleagues dressed up a gigantic bear every hour to do a circuit of the NEC! The costume looked pretty heavy and hot so we felt a bit sorry for them.

We’re pretty sure none of the team at Paper High want to draw the short straw and to dress up as a giant felt puppet or something so don’t get any ideas, Mark! It was the first time we had our newest staff member, Liz, attend the fair with us. We had a great fair sales-wise, so it wasn’t bad for a beginner at all! We also managed to pack down the stand in record time too. We get a lot of people admiring our stand as it’s all been made from recycled pallet wood and old scaffold boards to give it the same rustic look as our products, but it takes a while to take down again at the end of the show and pack back into the van!

What’s next?

We’re always thinking about how we can improve the stand, and Mark has been drawing up some interesting blue prints for the stand layout at the Autumn Fair- so come and visit us again, and keep your eyes peeled for a new look…


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