We’re back from the Spring Fair and we’re really pleased with how the show went.

The stall looked awesome, slightly larger than usual with a couple of extra sections to display our new ranges and it took a little while longer to set up but it was definitely worth it!

Our leather bags got a loads of positive attention.

We’re new to the world of ‘leather bag selling’ so it was great to get some feedback on our new products. As these are our newest producers, we were selling the bags to order so that we can get an idea of how the bags would sell and it looks like we might be on to a winner! They are very competitively priced after all!

We had so many comments on the low price of these superb fair trade leather bags and how they found it unbelievable that they were actually real leather (which they definitely are!) due to the low price, this is something we might have to look into, but hey this is how we learn!

Three of us from Paper High went up to the Fair, it was my first time doing anything like this and it was great to get to speak to people and have real interaction with people who are also passionate about Fair Trade and to top it off I did actually get to speak a little bit of Welsh! Although I am a little rusty I was quite pleased about this.

At one point during the fair we had a rogue penguin, he ended up on another stall down the corridor, but with a little investigation, we managed to get him safely back home to his buddy!

Our new leather journals also got a lot of attention, everyone liked the brightly coloured leather range, so much so we think that someone decided to pocket one when we weren’t looking! They’ve gone so well we‘ve actually sold out but don’t worry, they’ll be back in stock late Mid-March.

Now back in the warehouse and we’re keeping busy getting all the orders from the fair ready to send out. The leather bags will be back in stock mid-April.

We’ve also been contacting the people who took an interest in our products to let them know that its Fair Trade fortnight and that we are offering for a limited time only wholesale discount of 5% on trade orders who use the discount code TRADE5.

Until next time…Hwyl Fawr! (Goodbye in welsh!).


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