The Power Of Personalisation

If there is one thing that we understand more than anything as a gift company it’s how special you want your present to be to your loved ones. Personalisation is the best way to show how much you think, listen and care. Before we offered the ability to put your own spin on our products we were frequently asked if we provide a personalisation service.

Giving the best service we can and leaving our customers with a great experience is one of the most important core values we have, along with making sure that each product is made ethically and fairly. We want to do everything in our power to create smiles from production to the final gift-giving moment. So in short…we got a personalising machine!

There are many different ways to personalise items, whether its screen printing or laser printing, but we wanted to make sure ours was a non-polluting method which was also going to show off our products and allow us as much control over the personalisation as possible, which is why we chose a hot foil machine. By using a hot foil machine we can ensure that every stage of the product is produced by hand, making it as personalised as can be.

You may not instantly think ‘I wonder how they did this?’ but we think it is incredibly fascinating and wanted to give you the behind the scenes of this very interesting process.

A Short History Of Foil Stamping

You may be surprised to know that some of the first manuscripts found were decorated with gold leaf. For thousands of years, we have been embellishing books, paper and leather with beautifully intricate designs in gold foil. The difference is, it used to take hours or days just to personalise a single volume. It took a skilled artisan to beat gold foil to a quarter-millionth of an inch and apply it to the cover.

These days it is still intricate and takes training, however, you can get it done much quicker and with a lot less beating involved.

The Process

There are two ways to foil stamp, either a manually-operated or pneumatic (air-powered) machine. We choose the former to do this because we want to produce as little pollution as possible.

It begins with putting the letters in the hot foil machine as shown below.

You have to make sure that machine is hot enough or else the stamp will not take. The machine needs to reach anywhere between 115°c – 124°c to successfully stamp the word in place. While the machine heats up we carefully measure the word and the space that the word is going on to make sure it is all lined up and in the correct position. If it’s blind embossed and doesn’t require a foil then it can be stamped as soon as it is in position.

We offer a range of available colours such as black, silver and gold, and we are always looking to expand. If a colour is chosen then you cut a small bit of the particular foil and put it in the space where the stamp will go. Once its stamped you will be left with beautiful metallic letters.

We also offer the option to add a second row. So if you want to expand on your personalisation we make sure that you can. The process is simply repeated for the second row.

Personalising doesn’t always have to be sweet, sometimes thoughtful comes in other forms. Here are our favourite picks!

If you would like to personalise one for yourself or a loved one here are some great choices!

1. Personalised Medium Brown Leather Satchel

2. Personalised Buffalo Leather Slim Credit Card Holder

3. Personalised Buffalo Leather Round Pencil Case

4. Personalised Buffalo Leather Tag Keyring

4. Personalised Black Buffalo Leather Journal

5. Personalised 3 String Leather Photo Albums

Personalisation is definitely a great option if you want to make an already special gift just that much more special. We do our best to make the range as wide as possible for you to really pick that ideal gift. If you would like to see the full range of items we do that are personalisable then click here.

We hope you find the perfect personalised present!

Want to know more? Have a look at our Ethics and Story. If you have a burning question then you are more then welcome to email us at where our team will respond as soon as possible. Or leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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