TARA – Trade Alternative Reform Action.

The fair trade ethos is behind everything we select to go into our range of products at Paper High, so when we discovered Tara Projects in Delhi, India, we knew they would be the perfect enterprise to support and work with.

We recently added a unique range of homeware items to our product such as their stunning tea light holders which are guaranteed to add a splash of colour and excitement to any home, photo framesceramic drawer sets and more.

But it’s not just the beautiful gifts that attracted us to Tara Projects- it was the equally remarkable philosophy of the work that goes on to support the local communities. Tara Projects was set up in the 1970s to provide social and economic opportunities to the disadvantaged and poor communities in Northern India.

Members of the population in these areas often suffered from being illiterate and marginalised, so the project set out to improve their prospects of being economically self-sufficient by providing solutions to these problems. Through employing local artisans and craftsmen the project was able to give opportunities to nurture their artistic skills in a dignified way and allowed them to be self-reliant by using their traditional skills. Social injustice had created the poverty in these areas so by being able to trade their products fairly these artisans could foster their talents as well as being able to earn a decent wage.

As well as raising the standard of living for the artisans other members of the community received benefits too. This was done in the way of non-formal education centers being set up, environmental preservation ventures arising, and also the creation of medical centers which provide the community with affordable health care. All of the amazing work done by Tara Projects has had a massively beneficial impact on the entire community so, at Paper High, we were determined to support its continuation.

These organisations really show just how Fair Trade really works and how it should work, next time you are in a gift shop and you see Fair Trade products, please just remember that they do make a difference to real families and they do change lives for the better.

More information about TARA Projects can be seen at http://taraprojects.com/


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