As a Fairtrade company, we at Paper High have the opportunity to work with many fantastic producers, artisans and charities. Not only do they create beautiful one-of-a-kind work, but they also help the communities they live in, which is why we wanted to help them continue their work. Each month we will focus on one of our amazing producers, letting you know what they are about and what they create.

We believe in complete transparency, and we also just love sharing the amazing work they do because it deserves to be shared! Can you blame us? So to kick it all off, meet Trickledown!

Who Are Trickledown?

Trickledown is a wonderful organisation that creates a range of products, all out of recycled paper. They are passionate about recycling and the importance of it, which is why when they briefly encountered recycled paper they decided to make it the basis of their company and expand the market for it.

Born in 1993 in Sri Lanka, they found a multitude of ways to make paper using many types of waste such as using paddy, banana and pineapple cultivations as well as waste paper and elephant dung! Yes, you did read that right, paper made out of elephant poo! Don’t worry though it’s boiled and disinfected naturally with Margosa leaves. To find out more about how our elephant dung paper is made click here. Trickledown created many of their own products using the different types of recycled paper which continued to grow in its popularity.

Nowadays they have stopped making the paper themselves and have begun sourcing it from multiple smaller companies that they work with. One of which we also work it, Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust, who create the elephant dung paper and look after the elephants who produce the paper! We’ll go more into that another time though.

Trickledown have a set of wonderful core values too which we completely agree with. They are empowering women by creating opportunities to work, enabling and supporting artisans and small manufacturing communities, fairness to their employees and customers as well as creating long term relationships with their customers, employees, communities and suppliers. This not only makes them a great company to work with but also a great example to follow.

We have a wonderful relationship with Trickledown and think they are a fantastic organisation. It is always a pleasure when we get to see them and amazing to see how our products are made. Check out the video above to see the artisans creating our Large Elephant Dung Photo Frame.

What Products Do Trickledown Produce For Paper High?

Our Elephant Dung range is handmade by the artisans at Trickledown. See below a few of our most popular items!

Top left: Elephant Dung Notebooks Top middle: Personalised Elephant Dung Photo Album Top right: Personalised Elephant Dung Photo Frame Bottom left: Elephant Dung Stationery Set Bottom left: Personalised Elephant Dung Greeting Card

Trickledown are one of the many fantastic organisations that we source our products from. We think its incredibly important to highlight each and every one of them to you so you know where your products are from and how they are made as well as giving them the credit that they deserve. Next up in our spotlight we focus on our lovely felt products!

Want to know more? Have a look at our Ethics and Story. If you have a burning question then you are more then welcome to email us at where our team will respond as soon as possible. Or leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


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