This month we wanted to focus on one of our producers who make some of our best selling items! The things they create are very beautiful, carefully made and intricate. They are also a really fantastic organisation who care very much about the grassroot artisans as well as their community as a whole. We are very excited to focus our producer spotlight on Tara Projects this month!

Who Are Tara Projects?

Based out of Dehli, Tara (Trade Alternative Reform Action) Projects was found in 1966 by Prof. Shyam S. Sharma with the main objective to help create avenues for economic growth in areas where disadvantaged artisans and craftsman were struggling. Tara Projects found a great deal of success which allowed them to expand to adjoining states, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan in Nothern India.

The founder, Prof. Shyam S. Sharma is a very well respected man who served in the army for many years and then went on to become a professor in a University where he has received many prestigious awards in curricular and extra-curricular disciplines. He created Tara Projects to assist with the marginalized communities living around his university. He founded Asia Fair Trade Forum and is also a founding member of Fair Trade Forum India where he served as President for two terms!

Since Tara Projects began they have been actively eradicating poverty by fighting against the exploitation of the producers who are constantly subject to social injustice. Tara Projects doesn’t stop there though, they do a lot for their surrounding community such as providing education, helping the environment, fighting for women’s empowerment and so much more! We are truly proud to be a partner of such a fantastic organisation.

What Other Work Does Tara Projects Do?


Besides providing Fair Trade to over 1000 local artisans, Tara Projects also does a lot to help their community. Tara Projects provides training to producers to help enhance their skills so that they can run their economic initiatives successfully.

They also run a capacity building programme providing workshops to artisans, staff and other community beneficiaries to help with skills and design development on a regular basis. Tara Project believes in giving all the tools needed which is why they also provide support to artisans to construct their own workshops!

Tara Projects is very aware of the oppression of women in their society. Women in many parts of the country are seen as a curse and face discrimination in the home, work and in society as a whole. Tara Projects organises various campaigns and marches for Women’s Rights to help empower the woman in their community. They also provide training programmes to help develop their skills so that they can be self-sufficient. As well as this they provide credit support to help women support their families.


Education is a human right however, in India poverty-stricken areas don’t always have access to education. In India, child labour is not uncommon, preventing children from gaining basic knowledge to help them be successful. Tara Project’s runs several informal learning centres to provide basic education to the underprivileged children in the concerned communities. Currently, they provide informal education to over 1000 children through 10 different learning centres. These centres also help Tara reach out to the parents to organise awareness programs on several issues such as child labour.

Tara Projects runs a sponsorship project where they aim to support children between the ages of 5 and 15 years old, with a strong emphasis on girls, to complete their basic education. Many of the young children who have received sponsorships were subjected to child labour or were unable to receive an education because their families couldn’t afford it. At this time, 180 children are being supported under the sponsorship programme.

But Tara doesn’t just provide education to young children, they also help young adults by giving them vocational training through five centres where more than 200 young girls/women learn and expand on skills such as spices grinding, detergent/soap making, recycle newspaper bag making and craft making. They also give computing education to 50 young students every three months.


The environment is a main principle for Fair Trade and that’s no exception for Tara Projects. TARA has a policy of providing a safe and healthful workplace, protecting the environment, and conserving energy and natural resources. In most of the products made Tara uses waste material like newspaper, magazine paper, second-hand clothes, polythene, groom, waste computer parts, wood, stone and bone in the making of their crafts.

Conserving water is another effort that they put a large emphasis on. They do this by saving rainwater through rainwater harvesting structures and by repairing and cleaning ponds. Tara regularly organises waste cleaning drives so that they can clean up their villages.


Health care doesn’t come easily to those in India, especially for underprivileged people. Tara Projects believes that providing health care for marginalized people, particularly artisan’s communities, is extremely important. This is why they give free health care to all of their artisans whilst also organising medical health camps on a regular basis. At the health camps, free medicines and other medical support is given to the artisans.

What Products Do Tara Projects Produce For Paper High?

As mentioned some of our most popular products are produced by the incredibly talented artisans at Tara Projects. See below a few of our most popular items!

As you can see, not only are the products beautiful but the work that this fantastic organisation does is also! We are incredibly proud to be working with Tara Projects and support all of the work they do! If you would like to see more items then head to our site at If you would like to know more about Tara Projects then head here to check out their site.

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