It has been such a busy Christmas that we did not get a chance to highlight one of our fantastic producers in December. We would not be the company we are without our fantastic producers and artisans, something we never forget! We are so grateful to all the incredible people that dedicate time into each and every product we sell, which is why we love speaking about them!

We thought it would be fitting to highlight Noah’s Ark this month due to the sheer amount of their amazing products we sent out at Christmas. Noah’s Ark is responsible for a wide range of our homeware! The work they do is inspiring and we are so very grateful to have them as one of our producers, along with all of our other amazing producers.

Who Are Noah’s Ark?

Named after the biblical story which symbolizes the concept of saving mankind, Noah’s Ark was created to preserve the art of making handicrafts.

Noah’s Ark is the first and only Fair Trade certified exporter in Moradabad, India! They are members of the World Fair Trade Organisation and Fair Trade Forum India so you can buy these products with no worry for the workers behind the product. Moradabad is a city in India with a population of 889,810. A large portion of Moradabad’s population is involved in the metal and handicrafts trade but a few years before the trade in this city was in jeopardy due to artisans being paid low wages, being forced to pay commission to exporters and having to finance all their raw materials to complete their orders. Due to prices rising many artisans fell victim to bad debt or having to close their shops! Trades being passed through the generations is a very important part of Indian culture but due to the lack of profits, artisans would have to seek other professions, threatening the tradition of handicrafts.

Samuel Masih, the founder and owner of Noah’s Ark, couldn’t bear to witness the injustice any longer after years of seeing his community struggle first hand. In 1986, Samuel established Noah’s Ark International Exports to improve the relationship between the artisans and exporters so that they could trust each other. His aim was to bring the artisans out of poverty and to preserve their livelihood.

What Work Does Noah’s Ark Do?

For over 25 years Noah’s Ark has supported artisans and their families with fair wages 10-15% higher than the local wage. They have also helped in long-term business investments and collaborations as well as health and education initiatives. In 2000, Noah’s Ark Handicrafts & Artisan Welfare Society was created to advance the charitable efforts of the organisation. They have done some truly incredible work to help the livelihood of families across Moradabad. With continued projects, they have helped give fresh water to homes, free dental care and safer working conditions.

Noah’s Ark – Project Pyas

Every year Noah’s Ark selects up to 7 families in the artisan community to provide clean working water in their own homes! First, they check the quality of the water, once this has been done they attach a motor to the ground boring where the water is pulled from the ground and stored in a storage tank. If the quality from the previous hand pump is not to a good standard, Noah’s Ark arranges for a new boring to be put into place. Noah’s Ark provides everything needed from the fittings to the tanks, filter and motors.

There is no water supply in the villages and in the city, the water is only supplied for 4 hours of the day. Noah’s Ark crafted this program to help their artisans and their families have access to a basic need that we all may take for granted.

Noah’s Ark has given over 100 water filters and provided water arrangements in 20 artisan homes!

Noah’s Ark – Project Ashakiran (Ray of Hope)

This project started up by Noah’s Ark focuses on the importance of education by providing free schooling to artisans children. Over 200 children are under the education of this project with the purpose of teaching children at a younger age the skill of reading and writing so that they can help develop their future.

Noah’s Ark – Dental Treatment

As well as providing clean water and schooling Noah’s Ark goes the extra mile to give access to free dental care to students of the school that they run, their artisans and the workers! Each year they host several health days where every student or worker receives a free dental examination on an initial screening day, and if further assistance is required they then receive a follow-up appointment on a second treatment day.

In 2012, over 175 students as well as 80 artisans and workers who participated received treatment and were given identity cards with their record so that they could be used in future exam days.

Other Great Things Noah’s Ark do!

I mean can this organisation do more!? Well, yeah they can! On top of education, health screenings, fair trade and clean water, Noah’s Ark has built toilets so that the female workers don’t have to go out in the dark making it safer for an essential need. They also built extractors in artisans workshops so that their working conditions are much safer and no one is inhaling detrimental toxins.

Noah’s Ark really understands the importance of human life and do everything they can to improve the quality of those lives. Things we take for granted each day are matters people struggle with on the daily. This organisation believes that everyone should have access to an easier life.

What Products Do Noah’s Ark Produce?

As mentioned before, many of our homeware items are produced by Noah’s Ark’s artisans. Here are a few of our favourites!

They are such a fantastic organisation who inspire all of us at Paper High to do our very best. We are very proud to have such a great relationship with them and encourage the work they do! By buying products produced by Noah’s Ark’s artisans you are directly supporting them too!

Want to know more about us? Have a look at our Ethics and Story. If you have a burning question then you are more then welcome to email us at where our team will respond as soon as possible. Or leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


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