As you know, we love to be transparent and shout out our suppliers whenever we can! As a Fair Trade company we think it is so important that you know where you products are made, who they are made by, what benefits the people who make them receive and the care provided to them. Making sure our producers follow Fair Trade practices is our main priority as a company, that and providing amazing service to you, our customers!

But we also find enjoyment in sharing the achievements of our producers and artisans, as well as sharing all their happy faces and stories! So our next producer spotlight is focused on probably our most colourful and happiest producer, which is our felt producers, Aaha Felt!

Who is Aaha Felt?

Aaha Felt is a unique company who create masterpieces out of Nepalese felt art. Their products are entirely handmade and dyed using only the best quality felt. Aaha Felt is a family run business out of a small village in Nepal.

The entire team act and work together as a family and bring a vibrant energy to their work each day. Just one look at their Facebook shows them dancing, singing and enjoying gorgeously cooked food together on a regular basis. Not your average work place if you ask me.

Dancing in picknik

Posted by Aaha Felt on Friday, 7 December 2018

What Do They Do?

They work with women’s co-operatives throughout the world to design and create beautiful and unique art out of natural fibres and sustainable materials! They create stunning design which can be worn, can be displayed or can be used as home furnishings.

Aaha Felt provides training and work for women within some of the poorest communities in Nepal. To date the company has empowered more than 100 women.  They are also committed to being as “green” as possible through their choice of raw materials and dyes as well as using solar energy to help run its operations.

Here you can see them drying out the felt in the sun!

Each work of art created by these talented artisans is made with love and care. The techniques they use are centuries old and have been passed down from generation to generation and truly display the local artisans own traditions and customs, making each piece perfectly unique.

Aaha Felt works on Fair Trade principles making sure that each artisan is paid a fair wage and that they work in a clean, safe and comfortable environment! The artisans also have direct influence, if not complete control over the design and production process. Aaha Felt also offers additional benefits relevant to each artisans needs making sure that everyone is looked after.

How Is Felt Made?

Felt is a very interesting material with an even more interesting way of being made. Surprisingly, felt is a fabric which is unwoven. Felt gets its property due to an entanglement of fibres. It is formed by applying heat, moisture and pressure on wool or fur.

The process begins when applying heat and moisture to the fibres. Once the fibres are placed in soap or an alkaline environment, the fibres begin to slide freely between each other creating an entanglement of small fibres. They begin to bond together due to the protein content within the fibres, which eventually leads to a stronger entanglement. Lastly, pressure is applied so that it turns into a fine fabric in the form of felt!

What Products Do They Produce?

If you find your way to the felt category on our site you will be welcomed with incredibly fun and colourful products. The other great thing about our felt line is that they make really affordable gifts, great for stocking fillers or additional gifts to bulk out your presents.

Perfect for accessorising, for families or to add a bit of colour, you cannot go wrong with one of these items in your possession! Here our some of our favourites:

From keyrings to hairbands to Christmas ornaments! The options are endless and each one is guaranteed to add colour to your home!


Aaha Felt is a truly beautiful place, not just due to their gorgeous art and stunning array of colours, but also from the treatment of their artisans and the community they have built around an incredibly unique art form!

It allows the woman in the community to continue with a tradition that has been handed down for many years whilst also being looked after and allowing them the chance to provide for themselves and their families.

You can see how undeniably close they are through their ability to laugh, sing and dance together. When Mark, the owner of Paper High, visits them he is so happy to see the amount of smiling faces and the pure fun they have whilst creating.

It is inspiring to us all and we are more then proud to say we work along side them to provide such special pieces to our website.

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Each item sold helps our artisans and producers continue their fantastic work. Please feel free to check out our Producer page on our site to find out a little more about the wonderful people we work with. If you were intrigued about who exactly made a specific item please feel free to scroll down to ‘Make a Difference’ on any product on the site to learn more about the artisans of that item. Every item purchased helps all our wonderful artisans in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

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