This months producer spotlight is on one of our newest producers! Their products are some of the best selling that we do, and they are incredibly fascinating in the way they produce these fantastic products! Meet Earthbound Creations!

Who are Earthbound Creations?

This social enterprise was born in 2006 in a village outside the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Sagara, the founder of Earthbound Creations, wanted to be an artist when he fell into his current role. Years ago, Sagara joined his sister in making greeting cards to sell. The patterns he was able to create weren’t readily available at the time which led them to great success. Due to the success of their greeting cards, Sagara’s family started the business together. With just himself, his parents and sister employed they continued to make greeting cards, sometimes staying up all night just to create them.

They grew from 3 employees in 2013 to almost 360 by 2016. With their evergrowing business, they have helped over 250 families and have reduced the migration of women as labourers into towns and to overseas destinations. 80% of their products are sent to European countries, 9 countries in total, which has allowed them to assist in the economic development of the local area they are based in. All the profits made go back into the community and have immensely helped the local area. In 2017, £26,000 earned was distributed amongst the area.

Earthbound does a lot for its community but it also makes a huge impact on the environment. All the products made are created solely by hand out of eco-friendly material and disposables. The main resource used in their products is disposed of paper. They recycle it by using it in their products to prevent further pollution to the earth. Due to the process being entirely done by hand, Earthbound Creations does not contribute to air, water or noise pollution at any stage in the production.

Many artisans at Earthbound Creations are also homeworkers. This allows access to those who may be mothers, disabled or of an older age to still provide for themselves and others.

What Products Do Earthbound Creations Produce For Paper High?

Our entire colourful recycled range is handmade by the very talented artisans at Earthbound Creations. Here are a few of our most popular and most innovative designs.

Recycled Newspaper Photo Frame – £9.95

Recycled Newspaper Tuk Tuks – £14.95

Recycled Newspaper Pencils – Starting at £4.95 Recycled Newspaper Square Pencil Holder – £5.95

Recycled Newspaper Set of 6 Coasters – £9.95

Recycled Newspaper Ball Keyring – £4.95

Recycled Newspaper Bowls – Starting at £8.95

We are super excited to be working with Earthbound Creations, their products are beautifully crafted and the work they do on a daily basis in the community is something worth shouting about! We hope you love the work their artisans do as much as we do. Every item bought directly helps them continue their fantastic work and help the families behind the item.

Want to know more? Have a look at our Ethics and Story. If you have a burning question then you are more then welcome to email us at where our team will respond as soon as possible. Or leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


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