We’re all slowly coming back down to earth after spending just over a week in a very large field, enjoying the wonderful madness that is Glastonbury festival. 

With sunshine beaming every day leading up to the arrival of the punters it was inevitable that it would rain at some point over the festival weekend – I mean, come on, it is Glastonbury after all, it wouldn’t be the same without some traditional rain dancing /raving/swimming/trekking in the mud!

I was quite lucky every time it rained, I was undercover in the Paper High stall watching as everyone stomped through the mud and ran for cover when the heavens opened. Saturday was crazy with all the thunder and lightning! At one point we could clearly hear the main stage, then it all went quiet and the topic of conversation turned to the electrical storm causing the Pyramid stage to be shut down temporarily on safety grounds!

On the plus side, the rain brought extra customers to the Paper High stall, fleeing into our stall to then be tempted by all the colourful and shiny things we had on offer.

We had a new member of the Paper High’s team this year, it was our 5-month-old daughter, Rosie’s, first Glastonbury. Our other daughter, Amber, is now 4 now and has already been 3 times, she loves it! Especially the kid’s field and the circus tent.

The family at Glastonbury 2014

This year we introduced our new range of sheep leather bags and coloured recycled leather bags, but I think our best seller has to be our Indian embroidered and sequined cushions that sold like hot cakes!! Similarly, our embroidered parasols and Fair Trade leather journals went down a treat too.

Indian cushions and felt hangings

Some other new additions to our stall this year were Turkish, Indian and Mexican jewellery, these sold well. We did have a laugh when we thought someone was stealing our earrings then to realise that they were actually just getting stuck to Non’s tutu, probably not the best work attire!

Located back in our usual spot, we had the pleasure of hearing the likes of Jurassic 5, Bonobo and the Wailers on the West Holts stage just around the corner, some Metallica, and of course the one and only Dolly Parton on Sunday at the Pyramid stage, which we could just about see from our stall.

Tim, who was working with us, is a big rock music fan and so he was straight over to the Pyramid stage when Metallica was headlining. After all the negative press around Metallica headlining Glastonbury we weren’t sure what to expect but it all went well, they pulled it off!

We even had a woman do a little performance for us in the Paper High stall after she took a fancy to the felt flower creepers I was wearing and we got chatting. She said she would come back and get some creepers later on, we didn’t see her for a couple of days until she came running over to me on Sunday saying she had been looking everywhere for our stall. She got her garlands in the end and then treated us to a beautiful solo acoustic performance!

You can never get bored at Glastonbury; even working doesn’t feel like working when you’re surrounded by loads of lovely people and a variety of things going on around you. It’s also great to people watch and enjoy the odd giggle at everyone having fun as they go by. The atmosphere is so welcoming, no one is a stranger and if they are then they won’t be for too long!

Each year there is an award for the greenest trader which we try our best to get every year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t our year this year, the award went to the Fair trade stall opposite us (Fair Grounds) who we supply handmade paper too.  We started to think more about how we can make our stall self sustainable next year and so we are now looking into investing in solar powered energy for next year’s festival!

We had a lot of fun with our trader neighbours; it was nice to be next to the same people as last year. On a couple of evenings when no one could be bothered to cook dinner we set about using our trader skills to see what deals we could get to feed the Paper Highteam. The Big Fat Salad stall gave us some amazingly delicious salads for cheap and then on the last night and morning, we were all looking for something a bit more filling so we traded some leather journals for a few healthyish burgers to keep us going.

Next stop WOMAD – watch this space.


Arcadia at Sunset
The heavens opened
Sunset over Glastonbury
Our stall


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