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Not Long To Go Now!

Exciting times for us here at Paper High! Our new leather bags are currently making their way to us in the UK!

They’ve been on a bit of a journey since they left our producers in Udaipur!! They were stuck in Jaipur for 6 days waiting for some paperwork, then made their way to Mumbai, and are now currently on a plane from Dubai to us. Hopefully, they will be with us by Friday!!

We’re looking forward to receiving them, Mark went to India last month to check that the quality of the leather bags are up to standard and he was very pleased to report that they are looking fab!

We have a backlog of bag orders to fulfil from the Spring Fair that we went to in February, so the next couple of weeks are going to be busy.

We also got loads of retail customers enquiring as to when we will have the bags back in stock. We’ll be contacting these customers as well to let them know about the arrival of our much sought after bags.

Our new range of leather bags are sourced from a small family business in Rajasthan, India. All of the bags are made from genuine goat leather. The leather used is a by-product of the meat industry so it is all ethically sourced. We have between 20 styles of leather bag to choose from so there’s something for everyone.

The leather is protected with natural oils to give it a lovely rich finish and make it hard-wearing. Our leather bags are intended to get even better with age, the leather will soften and the bumps and knocks they will get add more character – we love a bag that can tell a story of its travels!

Don’t forget our new “Three string” leather journals are back in stock. For how long? We’re not sure as they are selling like hot cakes.

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