Paper High came across WFTO accredited Noahs Ark a few years ago and is really excited to now be in our 2nd year of working with them.

Noahs Ark supplies us with some of our Mango Wood photo frames, bowls, boxes, T- Light holders and Christmas decorations. (They can be easily identified by looking at the product code – an N at the start denotes it’s made by Noahs Ark)

With their inspiring mission to empower low-income artisans in order to break free from the cycle of poverty, working with Noah’s Ark was an easy choice for us at Paper High.

Their philosophy of saving the art of handicrafts represents their desire to improve the economic and social outlook of rural villages by using their cultural and traditional methods of producing the unique and beautiful gifts that we are proud to sell in our range.

We buy directly from Noah’s Ark so that their work in the city of Moradabad can continue to support the local communities. The wages of their artisans are 10-15% higher than the wages of other local artisans, and prevents unemployment amongst a community that has struggled economically in the past.

A staggering 5000 people are employed through the project, which makes a huge difference to the local populations spanning eight different Indian communities.

The project also has charitable functions too, providing clean water, education, health, and capacity building initiatives. And it’s not just the philosophy and achievements of Noah’s Ark project which appealed to us- it was the beautiful handmade gifts too! In order for them to continue their fantastic work, we buy their products directly from them so they are available for customers to share the unique charms of their items. By including their crafts amongst our range, the project can promote the support for the communities of the artisans and improve their everyday living conditions.

Noahs Ark also supports and set up many social and environmental incentives including supporting 5 schools for disadvantaged children and safe water projects etc.

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