A new month means another member of the team to introduce to all of you! If you didn’t manage to catch our previous Meet The Team blog on Hannah do not worry! To catch you up to speed, we have decided that each month we would love you to meet a member of our big family at Paper High.

Each member is integral to our business, which is why we think its so important for you to be able to know who it is working behind the scenes. Our team is full of incredibly hard working and talented people. No one person is a like and everyone brings something very special and unique to the table, creating a business full of energy!

As a Fair Trade company we are keen to be transparent about the business in every way possible from our producers, to the products and even to our packaging. But we know the people are what makes Paper High what it is which is why we love shouting about our fantastic producers and now, are incredible UK based team!

Last month you met our Warehouse Manager, Hannah. So we thought, why not continue with the theme and introduce you to our Ecommerce Manager, Moise!

Name: Moise

Job Role: Ecommerce Manager

Favourite Quote:  “Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colours. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” ― Terry Pratchett

How long have you worked at Paper High: 2+ Years

Your top 3 favourite Podcasts/Books or movies: This is tough as I love so many different ones. If I had to choose however I would say How Did This Get Made? is a fun bad movie podcast that I would recommend for everyone, anything by Terry Pratchett and basically any sci fi film.

How do you prefer to start your day: A big cup of coffee and some overnight oats (very hipster). I wake up fairly early and do some reading as well, it helps me feel like I am doing something else before jumping straight into work.

What interested you in the role: I have always worked in retail and been good at selling stuff, but having the chance to do that for a company that actually gave back to the artisans was really appealing.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your role: I love my role, especially any time that I can get creative, whether it’s through helping develop a new product or coming up with an interesting new addition to our website, I just love anything where I can get creative.

Why do you think Fair Trade is important: I think it is more than just important, I think it is vital. Fair Trade isn’t just a marketing term or a gimmick, it is a way to try and rebalance the way that our world has been working for such a long time. It gives the people who make the products a stake in their success and a way to build on their own work. I am really passionate about how it should just be the common sense way of doing things and of how customers want that change as well.

Why do you like working for Paper High as a whole: The people. It is such a great team and everyone is really awesome and fun to work with. I really love the products as well, having working in numerous retail places I definitely enjoy seeing new products and learning about how and where they are made.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at Paper High:
How the different products we make are made. I didn’t really know much about how the felt process worked or how small artisan families would be responsible for just one product. It was actually quite eye opening to learn about the ways our suppliers provide for their communities.

What’s your favourite Paper High product: Easy. The Personalised Leather Albums, I have already bought about 5 for friends and family! They are the perfect gift for pretty much any occasion, the last one I bought was for a friend who had just had a baby and I had the baby’s name and birth date personalised on the front of the album.

Personalised Fair Trade Leather Photo Albums

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work: I love doing loads of active stuff, like bouldering, swimming in the sea or cycling around the coast, basically anything that can get me outside. I also love to write when I can’t go outside, it is a great way to relax.

So there you have it! We hope you enjoyed learning about our Ecommerce Manager, Moise! Moise is a key part of the team who has helped grow the business in the last few years and is always making everyone laugh!

We are so lucky to have a versatile team with many different characters, all who make Paper High such a great place to work. We hope over the coming months you get a little insight into each member and the role they play for the company. In doing so we hope this gives you a clear idea of the people behind the purchases and who handles your items before they reach your doorstep or who it is you speak to behind the phone or email!

We love letting you peak behind the curtain of our company because we truly believe in the work we try daily to achieve!

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Since 2001 we have specialised in selling Fair Trade paper products and unusual eco-friendly gifts made in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. All our products are handmade using locally sourced sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible.

Each item sold helps our artisans and producers continue their fantastic work. Please feel free to check out our Producer page on our site to find out a little more about the wonderful people we work with. If you were intrigued about who exactly made a specific item please feel free to scroll down to ‘Make a Difference’ on any product on the site to learn more about the artisans of that item. Every item purchased helps all our wonderful artisans in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Want to know more? Have a look at our Ethics and Story. If you have a burning question then you are more then welcome to email us at sales@paperhigh.com where our team will respond as soon as possible. Or leave a comment below and let us know what you think!