We prepare to enter the dark ages for one night only…Lewes on the 5th of November.

As we are now based in Lewes, I thought it appropriate to write a small blog about the night that is the 5th of November in Lewes. If you haven’t heard about what happens here on bonfire night then let me tell you it’s absolutely insane! This lovely little historic town comes alive in so many different ways. It’s the biggest celebration of the fifth of November in the whole country!

lewes bonfire night

If you’re coming to Lewes for this, then be sure to bring your camera with you as you will be able to take so many amazing pictures of this spectacular event. And look no further for somewhere to hold all of your brilliant photos: our leather photo albums would work so well for somewhere to display your memories! Or if a photo album isn’t up your street, our rustic mango wood frame might be… or if you really want to go all out & get involved then you could always try out one of our cow bells and join in with one of the 5 bonfire society processions.

One of our new neighbours came in to tell us yesterday that we need to make sure to bring our bins inside along with any pallets that we have outside as they will most likely get set on fire if we don’t! I have been to Lewes bonfire several times now and I can fully understand why we have been advised to do this! I mean when you have parades of burning crosses and a giant effigy of the pope parading through this small town it does have a bit of a mad/medieval feel to the night! It’s like nothing you’ll ever have experienced before. This is definitely one for the diary! I was talking to Kate about it the other day and she compared the night to the film called the purge! (she’s the second person I know to compare this night to this film) I haven’t even seen the film but I’ve heard a lot about it and I think this says it all really!

Afterwards, if you are looking for somewhere to write down your experiences from the night why not check out our newest range of Indra or Antara journals; both are made from our darker leather and would work so well with the medieval theme of the night.

So, wish us luck on Thursday the 5th of November, wrap up warm (perhaps in some of our winter woollies) and prepare yourself for a night of medieval madness!

We’ll hopefully see you on the other side.

Sources: http://www.lewesbonfirecelebrations.com/


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