My flight to Delhi was early next morning, you never know how long to leave it as the traffic is so unpredictable, it may take 15 minutes to get to the airport, it may take an hour. Mind you I’m always the first one there!!

I breezed through the formalities, which never happens! And waited for my departure to Delhi.

One of the most exciting parts of the trip is the flight from Kathmandu to Delhi, on a good day you can see the mighty Himalayas, on a great day you can see as far back at Tibet, today was a great day. The views are as good as I’ve ever seen.


Today, Delhi airport is a far cry from the old concrete building it once was, now we have a new airport that can match any in the world, excellent shopping and landscaped gardens.

Samuel from Noahs Ark met me at my guesthouse in Pahar Ganj Delhi as I only had a short time 

Delhi India

and Moradabad, where they are, is a 5-hour drive away.  Noahs Ark are WFTO and Fair Trade Forum India accredited and make a lot of our woodenglass and metal products

One of our companies’ ethos is to explain where all our products come from, who makes them and give information on our producers, you can do this by going to our producer’s page or by looking at the “Making a difference” information that’s with each product. 

Samuel’s passionate about Fair Trade and that comes across whenever you meet him.  He bought samples by the bag full and we looked through them, together with other tourists in the rooftop restaurant of my guesthouse. Always good to get a bit of market research done at the same time.  Hopefully I’ve made a few right buying decisions!

In our next post I will cover days 4 & 5 of my trip to meet our fair trade suppliers in India and Nepal.


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