The lead up to visiting our producers in India and Nepal is always an exciting time, thinking of where we’re going, remembering friends we’re going to see again in another part, making sure everything is set up and before we go.

Unfortunately I was off on my own this year as we’ve just had a new little girl.

The nervous excitement rises as Claire and my 2 girls drop me off at the airport, it then becomes real. I can never really sleep on planes, access to the latest films and the constant looking to see where we are and how long we’ve got left.

After landing in Delhi I immediately fly to Kathmandu, a magical, if not incredibly dusty, city that seems to grow in population, size, and pollution each time I visit, but nevertheless filled with beautiful smiley Nepali people.

I only had 2 days in Kathmandu and my first afternoon was spent running around seeing my producers and saying a quick hello and drinking copious amounts of tea before relaxing with dinner and a few beers before my first big day.

Monday morning – Off to see Milan at WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) accredited Get Paper, probably one of our favourite producers and definitely the model Fair Trade Company. Set up 29 years ago with the help of orders from the Body Shop and UNICEF, they continue to employ around 300 people and have started schools

Fair Trade Community School Kathmandu

HIV programs and tree replanting to name a few.  You can find out more information about GPI here. GPI makes our very popular wrapping paper. I was welcomed by all the staff in the traditional Nepali way

Greeting me at Get Paper Industries kathamandu

We looked at new lines, discussed existing products and had a tour around the factory. 

I’ve had my film making head from the start, shooting film and taking interviews with the hope of creating some short films to try and get across what Fair Trade is all about and the people it helps.

In our next post I will cover the next day of my trip to India and Nepal.


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