Why St Patrick’s Day Is Celebrated

St. Patrick’s Day is a beloved holiday celebrated in many different countries. If you are wondering why people dress in green, why there are shamrocks everywhere and why everyone goes to pubs then don’t worry, you’re not alone.

St. Patrick’s Day is an official Christian feast day which is also observed by the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Lutheran Church. The day celebrates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland as well as celebrating the heritage and culture of Irish people in general. The day is celebrated by many different nationalities and its a joyous day usually involving parades and festivals decked in green and shamrocks!

It’s a wonderful holiday that brings everyone together. But even though the day may be splattered in the colour green, it’s not necessarily the most green of days. An excess of plastic waste can be seen on this day from plastic cups to plastic jewellery flooding the streets. It is easy to forget ourselves when we are having fun but we want to prep you so that you can be green on the greenest day!

Here’s our list of ways to stay sustainable this St. Patrick’s Day!

Avoid Plastic Cups and Decorations

As mentioned there can be a lot of plastic used on the day and pollution left behind from the celebrations. The sad thing is a lot of our plastic pollution ends up in the ocean causing detriment to our sea life and eventually ending up in our own bodies from the fish eating the plastic particles. It is said that if we don’t change our relationship with plastic and pollution by 2050 the ocean will contain more plastic than fish. The other place it ends up in landfills where it sits for many years before even beginning to decompose.

A lot of St. Pattie’s decor is made out of cheap plastic that cannot be recycled so where do you think that will end up? It is best to avoid the cheap beads, bring your own reusable water bottle and even your own cup if you plan to drink as much ale as possible! If you don’t want to carry around your own cup then head to pubs offering pint glasses rather than plastic cups!

Don’t Wear Green, Be Green

It’s always great to dress up for the occasion but avoid buying a new outfit just for the day. Did you know the clothing industry is one of the biggest polluters next to the agriculture industry? Many cheap green clothes will be dyed with toxic chemicals such a lead as its cheap to use. They will also likely be made in factories in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh where the workers make as little as £3 a day for days that can be longer than 16 hours!

If you really wanna dress up and don’t own anything already, why not try finding something second hand or from a charity shop. Not only will the money go towards the charity but you won’t have as much of a carbon footprint left behind for your green garment.

There are also many great Fair Trade companies that will sell some beautifully handcrafted items!

Try Local Sustainable Ales & Lagers

You’re probably thinking ‘how can beer not be sustainable?’ but did you know that many are made with synthetic pesticides and herbicides which threaten insect populations, contaminate water sources and can have ecosystem-wide knock-on effects. Even worse, were you aware that most beers and lagers are cleaned using isinglass, a substance made fishes’ swim bladders! Gross!

To avoid these try going for a local brewery to you. Not only will you be supporting your local economy but you won’t be funding large companies that support the production of GMOs and tax evasion. Guinness is the brand most associated with St Patties but its actually a brand that should be avoided! Try brands such as Brewdog who are 100% vegan, sustainable and are a certified Living Wage Employer. They are also trying to tackle human trafficking and slavery by being committed to high standards of ethical conduct and compliance.

Public Transport All The Way

Planning to head to your local city for the St Patties Parade? Try avoiding your car and get the bus or train to slash your greenhouse-gas emissions. Even better, ride your bike or walk if your local pub isn’t too far! Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s also good for your health! Plus it’ll help burn off all those calories from all the beer you plan to consume!

Just Have Fun!

The most important part of St Patricks Day is to have fun and be safe! it is a fantastic day that brings everyone together so we want you to enjoy it as best you can while also being sustainable! We hope that these tips enlighten you and help you have a ‘Green’ St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t forget, every little bit helps, so don’t ever feel like you won’t have an impact, you will!

‘Act as if what you’re doing makes a difference. It does.’ – William James.

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