Astrological trio; Super moon, Solar Eclipse and Spring equinox all in one day!!

We’re in for a treat this Friday, with the spring equinox crossing over with the solar eclipse as well as the birth of a new super moon, make sure you take some time Friday morning on your way to work or while getting the kids ready for school, if you’re in the south of England around 8.30am look out in the sky at the spectacular event that the sun and moon have in store for us! (Hopefully, it’s not too cloudy!) This only happens every decade or so, so don’t miss out!  Spring is here, this is a time for celebrating new beginnings.

While we’re on the subject of new beginnings and the earth and its wonders I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone that on the 28th of March at 8.30-9.30pm (local time) it’s Earth Hour. On this day at this time, people across the world will be uniting together to (ironically) highlight the environmental issues that we face today by holding a mass blackout.

Turning all lights off for 60 minutes allowing people to come together all over the world, not only does this campaign try to unite people for a cause it aims to make real changes by inspiring people to look at how they live and the way in which they live impact their environment AKA our beautiful planet Earth.

This statement from the campaign’s website sums it up nicely I think; “Earth Hour is more than an event. It is a movement that has achieved massive environmental impact, including legislation changes by harnessing the power of the crowd.”

So don’t forget Friday morning (20th March) and March the 28th two events not to miss!


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