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Elephant Dung – Strange But True

Selling Fair Trade and environmentally-friendly products is our aim at Paper High, and it’s hard to imagine a product more eco-friendly than the ones that we source from Eco Maximus.

This is a company which makes paper from a rather unusual recycled product- elephant dung! Not only is this material 100% natural, but the desire to use it and set up a Conservation trust also goes deep into the history of the rural areas of Sri Lanka.

For many years, there have been on-going issues between the farmers and the communities of elephants who inhabit the areas. Unfortunately, due to the reduction in their natural habit, the elephants have created problems for the farmers by eating their crops. These conflicts between the two inhabitants has resulted in the deaths of thousands of elephants. Overcoming these issues has been a major concern for many people both in the communities and around the world, so the Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust was founded to achieve a positive relationship between the rural communities and elephants.

Now that the dung is being used to make paper, the people in the rural areas can see the economic benefit of having the elephants there as they make money from collecting the dung. Once it’s collected, the making of the paper is fairly straight forward and involves no nasty chemicals or other environmentally unfriendly processes; it is boiled to sterilise it and then mixed with other recycled paper which makes up about 25% of the finished product.

As the dung can vary in consistency, the products are all individual as the diet of the elephant can depend from elephant to elephant! The communities then employ local artisans to design the products that we sell in our elephant dung range like the colourful note holders, bookmarks, and notebooks.

And yet amazingly, the work done to support the elephants doesn’t stop there, as the workshop that all these beautiful products are made in is situated in the grounds the Millennium Elephant Foundation, which is a charity that looks after sick, old and disabled elephants. As soon as we were aware of Eco Maximus, we instantly knew that we wanted to support their work to look after and support these incredible creatures and so at Paper High we decided to stock their elephant dung products to further the on-going work.

So if you’re on the lookout for an eye-catching gift or need some new stationery, go for something that will make a huge difference to the communities and elephants of Sri Lanka.

More information about Eco Maximus and the incredible Millennium Elephant Foundation can be found at and

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