It is not news that the world’s climate has been worsening over the years, and the push for change has been greater each year as people, scientists and the news voice how drastically climate change is impacting our way of life. Think back to this year, the wildfires that burnt 3,500 sq mi of the Amazon Rainforest, Australia facing the same devastating effects of bush fires and Japan having the biggest Typhoon since 1958. The natural disasters have been getting bigger each year all due to the effects of climate change and the rise of sea levels.

You may be an eco-warrior or just someone who makes small changes, or you may be ignoring it altogether because how can one person make a difference? It’s hard to imagine what life will be like if in the future if we continue living the way we do. As a society in general, if we do not feel vulnerable right now then we will not make the sacrifices to our current comfort for the long term payoff. We will just ignore it until it is in front of our faces and it is too late to be reversed.

You only have to look at politics as a clear indicator of how people think. The ‘let’s just cross that bridge when we come to it’ attitude is what’s contributing to the fast-approaching detrimental events leading to the potential extinction of life on Earth. It may sound dramatic but it is our reality.

Luckily, there is still time to prevent further adverse effects on our planet, and people are fighting more than ever. Voices are beginning to become louder. More and more people are taking action each day and are beginning to see the importance of tackling the issues. The important thing is that it isn’t too late to make a change and we want to help!

The Facts

The main source of climate change is carbon emissions, also known as greenhouse gases. Many industries produce a large amount of them in their production, such as the clothing industry, but so do we just by driving cars each day.

Even areas such as the music industry create a large number of carbon emissions due to tour buses, making merchandise, as well as the energy needed for things like lighting and sound. In recent news Coldplay, Massive Attack and Billie Eilish have all taken a stance in making changes to produce fewer greenhouse gases by either not touring altogether or by giving tickets to fans who are fighting climate change.

In 2019, leading scientists at the University of Exeter stated that more than half of the climate tipping points identified a decade ago are now “active”. Our current global temperature is 1.1°C which is the highest it has been in over 11,000 years.

The above graph compares global surface temperature changes (red line) and the Sun’s energy received by the Earth (yellow line) in watts (units of energy) per square meter since 1880. – NASA

Action that needed to be taken reached a tipping point in 2015 when The Paris Agreement was sealed and global consensus demanded that changes be made. The Paris Agreement’s central aim is to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change by keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius. As of 2019, 196 states plus the European Union have signed the accords.

Fast action is needed however, Countries will have to increase their carbon-cutting ambitions five fold if the world is to avoid warming by more than 1.5C, the UN says. The Earth is currently on course to experience a temperature rise of 3.2C by the end of this century if we continue the way we have been. In a report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) which explains how the world has done in cutting levels of these pollutants, it states that to keep the target climate change below 1.5C alive, the world needs to cut emissions by 7.6% every year for the next 10 years.

It is clear that big changes need to happen and everyone from the governments to all of us need to band together and work harder than ever to stop climate change from increasing.

What Paper High Is Doing To Fight Climate Change

As a Fair Trade company, it is incredibly important for us to stay as green as physically possible. Each day we do our absolute best to stay eco-friendly and are always looking at ways to improve how we do things so that we remain sustainable.

Starting from the beginning of our chain, at the producers, the majority of our products are made from recycled materials including our recycled newspaper, elephant dung, recycled metal/glass and our paper range plus more! Even the paper in our journals is made from recycled cotton to minimise the number of trees being cut down!

We are working towards eliminating plastic packaging and have asked our producers to send products, where possible, packaged in eco-friendly materials rather than plastic. For those products which we still use plastic packaging, we are actively searching for viable alternatives. Any packaging sent to us we reuse when sending our products to wholesalers. If we cannot reuse the packaging then we make sure to recycle it.

In our own packaging that we send to customers, we try to minimise the amount of plastic used. That is why in the new year we will be using biodegradable bags and packaging with cardboard fluted lining rather than a bubble-wrapped lining. Wherever possible we ask for all our products to be sent to us by sea instead of by plane so that our carbon footprint is reduced.

We are always looking to improve how we do things so if there are ways you feel we can then please let us know!

What You Can Do To Help!

Here are 10 ways to reduce the number of greenhouse gases polluting our eco-system.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, RecycleBy recycling half of your household waste, you can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. When shopping try bringing a tote bag. Bags for life must be used four times to be better for the environment.
  2. Switch to a green energy provider – By switching to a green energy provider you can cut down your carbon footprint, cast a vote for progressive energy suppliers and in most cases save money. It takes 5 minutes to do and is often cheaper than normal fixed tariffs. To see which supplier is best for you check here.
  3. Get some fresh air – Petrol and diesel release a lot of climate-wrecking emissions as well as increasing air pollution. With most car journeys being within 5 miles, why not walk or bike and up your exercise whilst saving the planet? Going to another town? Trains these days have so many saving options that your trip on the train might be cheaper than the cost of petrol!
  4. Take a train, not a plane – Planes emit a large number of carbon emissions. Not only do you get to see the beauty of nature from outside the window but you will also be helping reduce fossil fuels. The Eurostar has direct trains to top destinations!
  5. Save Energy! – Turning off lights when you leave a room, unplugging appliances when you’re done and getting a smart meter will all help!
  6. Have a meat-free Monday – Cutting the amount of meat is not only good for your health but also the environment. The meat and dairy industry is responsible for 14% of global climate-changing emissions. Can’t stop eating meat altogether? Head to your local farmers to get better quality meat and dairy.
  7. Use less hot water – By washing your clothes at the lowest possible temperature, you will help cut CO2 emissions, save energy and help the environment. Your clothes will look good and last longer too! Try turning the water off whilst brushing your teeth, hair, dishes, etc. England is said by the country’s environment body that we will run out of water in 25 years due to population growth, poor water management, and climate change.
  8. Tell the government to act now – In September there was a week of climate strikes based around the world. The organisers estimated that 4 million people participated in strikes worldwide. It won’t be the last strike so you still have the chance to take a stance! For now, you can sign a petition for the government to take more serious action into the issue. Click here to sign WWF petition.
  9. Vote in the General Election! – On Friends of the Earth’s website, you can see which candidates in your area have pledged to fight climate breakdown! To see whose pledge in your area click the link and put your postcode in
  10. Encourage Others to Conserve – inform your friends, loved ones and co-workers on the importance of recycling and energy conserving. It could make all the difference

One thing we can all agree on is how much we love our planet. Let’s all work together to make sure it lives on for a long time!

Want to know more about us? Have a look at our Ethics and Story. If you have a burning question then you are more then welcome to email us at where our team will respond as soon as possible. Or leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


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