This months producer spotlight is on one of our newest producers! Their products are some of the best selling that we do, and they are incredibly fascinating in the way they produce these fantastic products! Meet Earthbound Creations!
It has been such a busy Christmas that we did not get a chance to highlight one of our fantastic producers in December. We would not be the company we are without our fantastic producers and artisans, something we never forget! We are so grateful to all the incredible people that dedicate time into each and every...
With Valentine's Day around the corner, we know getting the perfect gift is a must, but have you thought about how you'll wrap that gift? Ever considered beautiful paper that is completely handmade from a Lokta bark? Well if you didn't before you will after you read about our fantastic producer and all the amazing artisans that craft the paper with all-natural materials.
As you know, we love to be transparent and shout out our suppliers whenever we can! As a Fair Trade company we think it is so important that you know where you products are made, who they are made by, what benefits the people who make them receive and the care provided to them. Making sure our...
Every year for two weeks at the end of February and the beginning of March, people come together to share stories of the hard working people behind our clothes, the food we eat and the jewels we wear. The truth is many of these people are exploited and are made to work long hours with very little...




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