One world week is a campaign that focuses on highlighting the need for a positive change. Each year, “The Week” is an opportunity for people from diverse backgrounds to come together to learn about global justice, to spread that learning and to use it to take action for justice locally and globally.”

Being a Fair Trade company we try our best to highlight our Fair Trade practises as much as possible by letting everyone know why we are Fair Trade and what that actually means for the people we work with.

Choosing to buy Fair Trade means supporting people around the world who live in places where there are not as many opportunities to improve their way of life. Some usually don’t have access to basic amenities such as water, sanitation, and education, so being and buying Fair Trade benefits communities as a whole and allows communities to grow and prosper.

At Paper High we are very proud of the communities and projects that we support over in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The production of our leather and sari journals creates fairly paid jobs for around 35 artisans who produce beautiful products exclusively for Paper High. It also helps to support women’s education and social development in rural villages in Rajasthan.

Our fully recycled rag rugs are made by an organisation called the Barefoot College, established in 1972 to help rural communities to become self-sufficient and sustainable by working with solar energy, water, education, health care, rural handicrafts, communication, women’s empowerment, and wasteland development.

Another couple of organisation we work with is Tara projects and Noah’s Ark. Similarly to the Barefoot college, these guys provide services to enable the production and marketing of handicrafts following Fair Trade principles, alongside providing education and support to empower and change the lives of grassroots craftspeople.

We absolutely love our handmade paper range, not just because the paper is beautiful and handmade but because of the people behind making it!

Get paper industries have won many awards for the charity work they do in the local area, which includes supporting people affected by HIV and Aids and establishing schools to support the education of underprivileged children.

We are so proud to work with GPI we decided, as our own small contribution, to sponsor six girls to attend one of their schools.

The production of our lovely felt products that got a mention in last week’s wool campaign provides training and work for women within some of the poorest communities in Nepal – to date the company has empowered more than 100 women!

Our awesome elephant dung products from the Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust have their own workshop in the grounds of the Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF) (a small charity that cares for sick, old and disabled elephants). They are also working hard to resolve the conflict between elephants and local communities, a critical concern as the elephants’ natural habitat decreases and they turn to eating farmers’ crops. Through working with initiatives like Maximus, they create a positive relationship between these majestic animals and the local communities.

We might be going on a little bit about how much we do to help out but, why not?! We believe this is the best and only way everyone should buy and trade and we want to shout it out loud as much as possible.

So finally we put this question it to you – How Fair are you when it comes to buying/selling?  

Check out the ‘How fair are you’ page on the Fair-Trade foundation website;

Would you consider making the change to buy Fair trade? Not just for one world week but for good?…


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