Wooly Woolley

If you didn’t know already this week 6-12TH October it’s all about wool

Don’t worry, you might be wondering why we have a picture of a man next to an extremely woolly sheep. We’re not just being strange, this is the co-founder & director of Paper High, Mark Woolley on the right!   Paper High have been selling Fair Trade products and eco-friendly gifts since 2001, including gifts made from wool and seeing as its Wool Week this week we just couldn’t resist giving him a mention in this week’s blog.

Here are some interesting bits about wool: Did you know that wool is: Natural, renewable, biodegradable, a natural insulator, breathable, resilient and elastic, multi climatic/ Trans seasonal, easy to care for and odour resilient? Pretty cool huh?!

Nepal Producers of Fair Trade Products for Paper High

Our Fair Trade felt products are made by our producers in Nepal and are made from 100% Australia & New Zealand wool. In our felted products we use wonderfully soft natural wool and use only natural colours and dyes created using traditional methods. Instead of weaving the wool, felt is created by applying heat, moisture and pressure to the wool to entangle the fibres and create a beautiful end result.  

Just outside Kathmandu our producers provide work with women who come from some of the poorest communities in Nepal.

This week is wool week and HRH the Prince of Wales has been hosting a campaign that highlights the benefits of using wool over synthetic materials. Did you know that unlike its synthetic counterparts wool has flame retardant attributes? The complex cell structure of this beautiful natural material has a high water and Nitrogen content which means that wool has a high ignition point and a handy tendency to self extinguish making it a uniquely safe fibre. Another interesting fact about wool is that it is biodegradable providing an obvious key ecological benefit making woollen products environmentally friendly.

Paper High Woollen Felt Fair Trade Products

So not only is this amazing fibre eco-friendly and fire safe, the production of woollen items or the use of wool to make goods containing wool such as our felted products has so many awesome attributes, it’s hard to think of a better material.

The whole process from start to finish is good all round; the sheep get sheared and get to cool down, we get to warm up or just snuggle in the softness of the wool, happy in the knowledge that this natural material is eco-friendly and can’t be beaten by any other manmade fibre.

Handmade Felt Alpine Girls from Paper High

For the campaign, we have nominated our beautiful felt Alpine girls as our favourite woollen product.


In the last year we have also introduced our new range of felted Christmas decorations to cheer up your Christmas tree this year. Check out our website for images and more information.  www.paperhigh.com


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