2020 has brought many different emotions to us all. At times it was difficult, others it was scary and sometimes it was enlightening, allowing us to be grateful for the things we have rather then craving the things we want. Maybe you hit your resolutions amidst everything that’s going on or maybe you just tried to get through the year as best you could. Either way we commend you!

At Paper High we had no idea what to expect. As soon as March rolled in our thoughts went straight to how we could go about our days protecting our staff and still helping our producers in the process. We were fortunate enough this year to be able to do both in a way we could only hope. We are very happy that in a time like this we were able to help those who needed it most. As you probably know by now, we as a company want to be as transparent as possible whether that comes to our producers, our staff or even the packaging we use. This is why we would love to share the moments that made 2020 for us as company and the small victories we were able to make. We hope this adds a little bit of sunshine to the year and shows you that it wasn’t all bad!

A Few Highs For Paper High

Our NHS staff have been working tirelessly all year to help as many people as possible. New doctors were thrown in the deep end and retired staff nominated themselves to return to work to help ease the stress that the NHS was put under in the height of Covid.

We wanted to do something to celebrate the NHS and say thank you for their hard work so we offered 20% off our entire site to anyone who is a Blue Light Card Holder.

Black Friday came around quick but instead of joining in we chose to opt out and use some of the proceeds made to help our local food bank. We knew we wanted to do something that allowed us to help vulnerable people close to home so the Brighton Food Bank was the perfect choice.

Brighton Food Bank is a fantastic charity that helps families and individuals who are in times of need. They provide food as well as emotional, physical and spiritual support. They also signpost anyone in need to agencies across the city for expert advice.

It was decided that 10% of all sales made over the Black Friday Weekend through to Cyber Monday would go directly to Brighton Food Bank. In doing so we were able to donate a sum of £575 thanks to the commitment to Fair Trade gifts from all of you!

And of course, as a Fair Trade company we wanted to be able to help our producers across the pond in Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. Ensuring that in difficult times they were still looked after. To do this we increased our orders with our producers when we didn’t need to so that we could get our producers to prepare goods for us for future orders. By doing this it allowed our producers to keep their staff employed. We hoped we could help prevent the loss of jobs during a tumultuous time.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of our new and returning customers. We wouldn’t have been able to carry on and help others if it wasn’t for your tremendous support. We hope we can continue to provide fantastic Fair Trade gifts and help others in the process for many more years to come no matter what life decides to throw our way and we truly couldn’t have made it through this year without all of you.

We hope 2021 brings a bit more happiness into the world but for now we are ever so thankful to you, our team and our producers for making what seemed to be a dreadful year into a year of blessings.

Keep safe and Merry Christmas to you all.